Issue 4 2020

8 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2020 Fantastic First Aid Training Teaches Confidence First aid is a vitally important skill; one that everybody should take the time to learn in case of emergencies across a variety of situations. First aid training can come in handy at any time, especially the training provided by Steve Wilson and the team at First Aid Associates. The firm has been recognised as one of 2020’s Leaders in First Aid Training Services in the UK, courtesy of Acquisition International magazine, so we profiled it to find out more about the important work it does. ounded and led by Steve Wilson, First Aid Associates is a firm that has always focused on teaching first aid to the highest of standards, engaging with a client through comprehensive hands-on training to ensure they can get the most from the qualification they are undertaking. First aid takes many forms, and core to the firm’s success is the ability to provide a wide range of courses covering many different needs and skills. The necessity for first aid could arise at any moment, whether it be in the workplace, the high street, or a music festival. That is why Steve’s courses are aimed at addressing a myriad of first aid needs that can cater for all of those aforementioned scenarios and more. Just a handful of the courses available through First Aid Associates vary from a two-hour Basic Life Support course, to a full three-day First Aid at Work course to ensure that every participant can learn the necessary skills to help those around them who need it most. As well as the general training courses, First Aid Associates also prides itself on its range of specialist courses, covering areas of first aid including Immediate Trauma Care, to Medical Gases. The firm has also recently introduced Level 1, 2, and 3 First Aid for Mental Health courses, in response to client demand after the global push to improve mental health in the workplace. One of the major areas in which First Aid Associates stands out from other first aid course deliverers is in its flexibility and ability to work with and around the client. Both honest and informative, Steve and his team deliver only the most up-to-date and correct information relating to first aid techniques, ensuring clients can feel confident in their own ability to help those who need it most. Comprehensive and hands-on, the courses that First Aid Associates offer a wealth of knowledge and techniques to equip each and every participant. Every staff member that works alongside Steve at First Aid Associates is fully-skilled and qualified to deliver first aid training. Whilst Steve is always there to offer advice and guidance should the staff need it, all of the staff are autonomous and capable of delivering engaging F Feb20139 and informative first aid training sessions. The firm also strongly encourages Continual Professional Development to maintain performance and consistently high standards. When dealing with something as important as first aid, nothing less than the best will do. As well as the myriad of courses that First Aid Associates offers, it also delivers its own first aid services for various events, such as short 5k runs to ultramarathons, or small music festivals and citywide street fairs. The firm’s ability to provide exceptional event cover not only provides clients with excellent first aid services, but it enhances the training provided. Having dealt with a number of different injuries and conditions over the years, Steve and his team can proactively train techniques to handle those incidents by using real life examples whilst maintaining confidentiality. Given that first aid training is necessary for every workplace in the country, First Aid Associates’ clientele is as varied as it is far- reaching. From primary and secondary schools to engineering firms, and GP surgeries to music festivals, Steve and the team make sure every client is engaged with in a friendly and approachable manner. First aid now usually needs to renewed every three years, and with events taking place on a yearly basis, the firm benefits from a steady stream of referrals and repeat business. Since the deregulation of first aid training a few years ago, more people have started “teaching” first aid at a much lower quality than that of First Aid Associates. Constantly staying abreast of any developments in the medical and first aid communities, clients can be sure that Steve and his team only deliver the highest quality of first aid training services. Moving forwards, First Aid Associates will continue to be a beacon of first aid excellence to client businesses all over the United Kingdom, exceeding expectations wherever it goes. Company: First Aid Associates Contact: Steve Wilson Website: “Having dealt with a number of different injuries and conditions over the years, Steve and his team can proactively train techniques to handle those incidents by using real life examples whilst maintaining confidentiality.”