Issue 4 2020

10 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2020 Jan20109 ncorporated on April 8th, 2003 in Nigeria, SouthGate Consulting was established on the promise to deliver consulting services that consistently go above and beyond what clients have come to expect, especially within taxation needs. However, the story of the firm’s history in providing corporate taxation services stretches long before its proper and formal conceptualisation. The leadership which now makes up the corporate level of SouthGate Consulting have previously worked as the taxation services division of two separate accounting practice firms. Capitalising on that history, the firm now boasts a wealth of experience in delivering corporate taxation services that are truly exceptional. Now, almost seventeen years from SouthGate Consulting’s first day in business, the firm has brought together even more energetic, passionate, and innovative tax enthusiasts from a diverse range of backgrounds. Keen to serve clients in any way possible with their financial and taxation needs, the firm takes pride in its assured delivery of measurable values. It does this by injecting some much- needed creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when generating tailor- made solutions that help to deliver enduring value for clients. Tax does not simply affect one industry, but all of them. That is why it is imperative for a firm that deals in tax advisory services, such as SouthGate Consulting, to have experience handling the financial needs of many different industries. Fortunately for clients of the firm, its expertise stretches across industries as varied as manufacturing and engineering, to information and technology, as well as retail, advertisement, marketing, transportation, oil, gas, and many more. Each highly-skilled member of the team at SouthGate Consulting, along with its sector-aligned network of professionals, is first-class at delivering world-class solutions. Across more than just Nigeria, the team at SouthGate Consulting have begun to delve into new markets across West Africa with remarkable strategic success. Taking its expertise abroad, more and more countries and industries are beginning to benefit from what the firm has to offer. These areas of expertise include more than just tax- based services, stretching into areas of business such as technology, financial reporting, human capital, training, assurance, advisory, and more. Within these skillsets, the team at SouthGate Consulting seeks to help businesses with some corporate elements of running a business, like transformation, cost management, public sector advisory services, the formulation and implementation of new policies, and a wealth of other services. Since the firm’s beginning, it has slowly but surely grown its portfolio of excellent services, including both financial and corporate services. Through four main areas, the firm can tailor its services to help any client. Those four areas include assurance services, tax services, I Three things in life are certain; death, taxes, and the quality service of SouthGate Consulting to help deal with those taxes. With important financial matters, especially when running a business, ensuring they are in order and correctly dealt with is key. That is why SouthGate Consulting has been named Nigeria’s Best Tax Risk Advisory 2020 in this years’ Accounting, Audit & Tax Awards in Acquisition International; for going beyond the necessary level of excellence. We profiled the firm to learn more. World-Class Solutions financial reporting services, and advisory services. Within each of those four core areas, SouthGate Consulting’s services expand even further, ensuring there is something for every business in Nigeria, and many of the surrounding countries of West Africa. One of the key areas in which the business has excelled in particular is that of tax risk advisory services. Drawing on all of its considerable resources, skills, experience, and workforce specialists in tax planning and management, SouthGate Consulting can ensure that tax risks are dealt with efficiently and effectively. Every member of the team carries out their assignments with expert diligence to help the firm’s clients avoid unpleasant tax surprises. That way, clients can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive management of all risks that may arise from such surprises, be they financial, legal, or reputational. Ultimately, for the team at SouthGate Consulting, the ability to solve so many corporate and financial problems comes from the belief that the root of every problem can be solved by knowing the basics. Armed with that simple yet effective philosophy, the firm continues to deliver value -added tax risk advisory services, amongst many others, through solutions that help them to navigate the complexities of the corporate world. Company: Southgate Consulting Limited Contact: Idowu Shoaga Website: