AI Issue 4 2017

Partner with us! By becoming a TV Broadcaster Franchisee. An exclusive opportunity to enter the broadcasting Industry will open early in 2017. A LICENSE TO OPERATE THE TELEVISION CHANNEL FRANCHISE, WHICH PROVIDES A CORE OPERATIONS TEAM, A NAMED & NUMBERED SKY EPG, BROADCAST LICENSE, A CHANNEL MANAGEMENT CONTRACT, 12 WEEKS OF PROGRAMS ALREADY SCHEDULED, PROGRAM CONTENT ACCOUNT, CHANNEL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE & SALES PORTAL, OPERATIONS MANUAL, WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR INTERESTED MEDIA BUYERS TO INSPECT, BEFORE SUBMITTING BIDS TO PURCHASE. The spectacular Franchise model pre-disposes 75% of all workflow tasks to be assigned by contract to professionals. Therefore the buyer need only provide an admin team, an accountant and three program schedulers in order to qualify to win the operations license. 5 Star Film Co. Ltd FRANCHISE OFFER SUMMARY: [20% EQUITY STAKE] The TV Channel will be Operated by ‘Information TV’ & will Playout on the SKY Showcase 3 Channel. Our Company have a qualified team, broadcast license & 12 weeks of programmes already scheduled, so we are eager for an investor to come on board as soon as possible. We hold the World’s only TV Channel Franchise. A leading Broadcasting TV Channel is capable of earning several billions per annum, and what makes our Franchise offer unique is the fact that we not only organise the broadcast management for the franchisee, but also supply the operations team at our own expense. The franchisee is only responsible for a minimal potion of duties which will include website management P.R, Press releases, customer services & accounting. The Franchise license will be open to bid offers during 2017, and bids will start at £96,000 The other qualifying requirements are as follows. 1. A minimum of six personnel must be deployed for 8 hrs per day 5 days per week, three program schedulers need to be included. 2. The Prospector that offers the highest bid will win the license. 3. Should only one bid be offered then the Franchise shall go for the lowest offering which is £96.000 {It should be considered that when the ITV Southern Television Franchise went to auction during the 1980s, Meridian TV won the License with a highest bid of £163,000,000 The Chairman of Scottish Television once quoted when he took the post, that “Television Broadcasting is the equivalent of owning a license to print money. Compare the Southern Television Franchise sale to Meridian TV with the One World Television Channels Franchise value. Southern Television {Regional} Average peak Viewers: 82,000 Franchise Cost: £163,000,000 Broadcast time before profit was made. (4 years 2 months) One World Television Channel {All U.K & Europe} Forecast average peak viewer based upon Program contents past performances: 990,000 [Forecasted daily viewers for the first year] [85,000 - 2.500.000] [Average earning per advert per 1000 viewers - £34] Average volume of Adverts per week - 960 Franchise cost: £96,000 Broadcast time before profit is made. (one day) Begin the TV Channel Franchise Investigation! 1702AI21