AI Issue 4 2017

Acquisition International - April 2017 17 Future Proofing your Roofing “Here at ASBESTOSAFE ®, we not only strive to provide a near-perfect system but also to put the clients mind at rest when it comes to the scaremongering associated with this type of roofing sheet and especially the associated ‘sharp intake of breath’ comments that are given from those without our expert knowledge. With regard to client testimonials, ASBESTOSAFE ® has a very up-to-date, mobile, Google-friendly web site, found at , which is updated continuously. This site displays just a small selection of the vast amount of positive customer testimonials received from nearly every client that we have installed an ASBESTOSAFE ® roofing system for. I’d would like to assure all future clients that all of our testimonials are genuine and have been submitted by the clients of their own freewill. We also run and ASBESTOSAFE ® blog spot to keep customers up-to-date with the latest news and developments within the industry.” Currently, ASBESTOSAFE ® is a family-run firm and Mike explains that it intends to remain so. “Regarding the future, our vision is to licence our ASBESTOSAFE ® roofing system country-wide and possibly beyond, but all future operatives would be vetted and must be able to maintain not only our high standard of politeness, reliability and promptness, but most of all possess the ability and knowledge that a top-class felt roofer should have - this is a must when installing an ASBESTOSAFE ® roofing system. “At this time ASBESTOSAFE ® is a niche system but it solves a very common problem, it really is a system waiting to be discovered and become synonymous with the solution to the asbestos corrugated roofing problem. Although still a relatively young company, the ASBESTOSAFE ® roofing system to date has been awarded five prestigious relevant awards the latest being Best Innovative award.”