Issue 3 2024

Issue 3 2024, Acquisition International | 13 Trend-setting Enterprise AI For Faster and Bolder Finance Operations reeing up the mundane processes for financial operations staff so that they can focus on what matters most to their business, Emagia’s plethora of solutions focus on receivables, collections, disputes, deductions, document automation, cash-flow forecasting, credit risk management, online credit applications, and other such services within the order-to-cash management space. By creating excellent products that free up time and make the operations of clients demonstrably faster, the company is adhering to its core values, merits that were created with Founder and CEO Veena Gundavelli at the helm. Having thrived in the AI space for over a decade, the company is no newcomer riding the AI popularity wave, having instead utilised its services in this sector for a number of industries inclusive of manufacturing, logistics, pharma, automotive, and financial. While others may leverage underdeveloped AI tools, Emagia has its digital assistant/“copilot”, Gia. Veena explains this technology in further detail, saying, “Gia, embedded in virtually all of Emagia’s offerings, allows users to type in natural language prompts to quickly find insights, statistics, create documents, read documents, and so many more functions that allow financial leaders to make faster, bolder decisions. ” Gia’s unrivalled machine learning capabilities help it to accurately predict what a user seeks to do next, measurably aiding them in such areas as collection and invoicing. Utilising the most recent and updated form of GenAI, the company’s newest digital offering, GiaGPT, serves as the company’s answer to ChatGPT, and upon its unveiling by Emagia in September last year, became the first generative AI-based order-tocash solution in the world. With AI becoming mainstream last year, 2023 saw the company named by CNBC as one of the best fintech companies in the world, and an “innovator” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. 2024 will see Emagia being more active than ever before in several key areas, with the team having recently unveiled the AI for Finance newsletter, February marked the launch of the Emagia AI for Finance Podcast, whereby the top thought-leaders in both the AI and business worlds will chat in a bimonthly series, offering invaluable information in a relaxed and entertaining setting. Several conferences will too be graced by the presence of Emagia this year, notably the Shared Services Organization Week Conference in Orlando, starting March 25th, as well as NACM’s Credit Congress event in Las Vegas, starting on June 9th. The Emagia team will be speaking at both of these events, as well as the many others that will play host to the company over the rest of the year. Such events are sure to be incredibly insightful, with Emagia utilising its decade-plus of experience to help companies and their leaders achieve impactful results and reach goals thanks to developments in AI. Contact: Brian Shappell Company: Emagia Web Address: With an industry-leading AI platform that has processed more than $900b in accounts receivables across 90 countries and 25 languages, Emagia has certified itself as a superior business in the autonomous finance for the order-to-cash and payments solutions sector. Streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and enhancing decision-making, the company is dedicated to empowering finance professionals with a series of state-of-the-art technologies and a digital copilot, not designed to replace human involvement, but boost productivity. Founder and CEO Veena Gundavelli tells us more about the triumphs that have led to Emagia being named as Most Innovative O2C Automation Solutions Firm 2024 - Western USA. F