Issue 3 2021

8 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 events by an average 39%, which further decreased by 57% over 15 months. A key differentiator regarding competitors in the market is that eDriving provides a view of driver risk within a company-wide crash- free culture®. This is a culture that does not accept collisions as an inevitable part of driving for work purposes. Instead, research shows that 94% of collisions are caused by a driver’s attitude and behavior behind the wheel! Mentor works to help drivers understand their risky behaviors, leading to fewer collisions, injuries, and license violations, offering comprehensive online resources that are tailored to the individual modern learner. Offering bite-sized learning modules that can be accessed through the app at times convenient to the driver, as well as intensive course programs, eDriving has created a full- spectrum of engaging content designed to effectively communicate the importance of safer driving. The eDriving team is fundamental to the success of the company. Its strong leadership team has decades of experience working with drivers across the world, and a global Customer Success Network supports eDriving’s clients’ strategy analytics, and implementation needs from beginning to end, effectively becoming part of their team. Founder and CEO Ed Dubens’ commitment, dedication and desire for ensuring that every working driver makes it home to their communities and loved ones every day is infectious, and every single person that works at eDriving gets up in the morning with this shared passion. Ed entered the executive team of eDriving in March 2016 as part of the firm’s acquisition of Interactive Driving Systems, which he had established and led for many years as a pioneer in the development of telematics-based safety solutions. It was Ed’s experience in the field that led to the refinement of the eDriving VRM, which has since trained over a million fleet drivers and continues to transform the ways in which companies manage risk and prioritize the safety of their drivers. Leading his team in research and innovation in road safety, Ed’s leadership has been pivotal in eDriving’s establishment of industry benchmarking initiatives, which have in turn earned the firm its international acclaim for mitigating risk on the roads and consequently saving lives. Addressing global challenges The COVID-19 pandemic saw the delivery and service sectors facing unprecedented challenges, with many companies recruiting additional delivery drivers to accommodate increasing home deliveries and many service organizations adding vehicles to their fleets. Mentor’s portability enabled organizations to continue protecting employees who drove for work purposes during this time and helped them promptly incorporate drivers into their safety programs, requiring only a smartphone to begin measuring driver performance and risk levels. All of this was achieved while prioritizing driver privacy; all of eDriving’s programs operate within a highly secure, privacy-first environment in accordance with the firm’s ISO 27001 accreditation from BSI, in which the only data shared with the manager is the data relevant to risk management. No location data, or individual trip data, is visible. As the pandemic rolls on and working environments continue to evolve for at-work drivers, incorporating greater autonomous features and even more mobility options, eDriving remains dedicated to developing new technologies and incorporating the latest eLearning and behavior-change techniques to remain at the forefront of driver risk management. By doing so, eDriving is providing its valuable support in helping fleets to proactively manage the safety of the at-work drivers who continue to keep the world moving forwards in the midst of the global pandemic. To those drivers, the Wizards of eDriving say, “we salute you all!”