Issue 3 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 5 Leaders in Patent Infringement Detection and Enforcement For those who design and develop electronic systems, protection of these designs against design theft is critical. For technology corporations around the world, the team at IP Research Group provide expert patent and technical investigations and reverse engineering services to clients wanting to detect, license and litigate patent infringement. We take a closer look at what the firm has to offer, and how it has achieved such success. ased in North America, with a global network of clients, the team at IP Research Group spend a great deal of their time exploring the world of emerging technologies. Formed by the key staff and executives of Semiconductor Insights (now Techinsights), IP Research Group was designed to bring the right expertise and experience to bear on a range of different client projects. The focus of the company is a determination to find and document evidence for their clients quickly, accurately and cost effectively. For technology companies, this work allows them to focus on developing their technology, reassured that IPRG is working to protect their patents. Operating across the US, Asia and Europe in conjunction with their clients’ legal groups, the team are able to ensure their clients get the best possible value for their investment in their IP. Focussed on electronics and semiconductor technologies, the IPRG team is comprised of numerous primary subject matter experts, and a secondary network of over a hundred technical experts who know not only the subject area, but how it applies to patent law, licensing, litigation, and acquisition or sales programs. The partners of IP Research Group each manage a portfolio of clients that they support to ensure confidentiality and minimal client conflicts. With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, IPRG has developed the industries best practices for their clients, partnering with the top tier analytical labs around the world, getting access to the best technical tool flow at the most cost effective price. With such a strong history in semiconductors, it is clear that IPRG works with engineers who are passionate about this sector of the industry. The firm’s client list includes several of the top semiconductor and consumer products companies in the world, and the partners work directly with the experts and the clients, not relying on representatives or junior associates to act as intermediaries. This commitment ensures that clients receive the maximum possible value from the team that they are working with. The licensing industry and US patent law have seen many changes recently, and IP Research Group has adapted to meet the new requirements of the sector. A large segment of fundamental patents in the semiconductor space are either expiring or coming to the end of their life. This has meant that many technology companies are forced to look more broadly at their technology to patent at a system level rather than a component level, and to re-evaluate and strategize their IP licensing programs both for defence and continued revenue generation going forward. These organizations frequently rely on IP Research Group for advice and assistance, and the team has been able to mine patents B in their clients existing portfolios as well as identify new IP assets that map well to emerging technologies for tomorrow’s products. While navigating a globally dispersed client and partner base can be complex, it’s a challenge that the team has always been able to rise to, even in these difficult times. The challenges of the last year have seen the IPRG team adopt new ways of working. Travel to their international clients and technology partners was curtailed, but moving to a virtual model has allowed the team to continue to discuss the complex projects used in licensing and litigation campaigns without interruption. As the pandemic begins to ease restrictions on travel, a hybrid approach will evolve that will provide both the efficiency of remote operations, and the much needed face time with clients and partners to discuss their changing requirements. Despite the challenges of operating in these times, IPRG has been able to flourish during the pandemic. 2020 saw the team dramatically expand its service offering, significantly in the Asia Pacific region, as the demand for quality, knowledgeable assistance in licensing programs and patent brokerage increases. The team is already looking forward to expanding the role and sharing their skillset with more clients in that region and around the world as the Covid restrictions relax. Company: Intellectual Property Research Group (IP Research Group) Contact: Siva Manoharan (Founder and Managing Partner) Web Address: Email: Jan21209