Issue 3 2021

28 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 Oct20473 Accelerating Success With Accloud Accloud is a revolutionary business management solutions provider committed to creating opportunities for micro-SMEs in developing countries, levelling the playing field for entrepreneurs through an easy-to-use platform for sustainable business growth. Discover why it has been named the Best Cloud-Based Business Management Solutions Provider 2020 – UK. By encouraging development, Accloud is helping to lift communities out of poverty, making tangible differences to local and global economies and making the small, mighty. hen Accloud was established in October 2015, it was with a vision to address the problems faced by entrepreneurs behind micro-SMEs in developing countries such as India. From distance to markets and societal pressures, to access to affordable capital, too many businesses were being limited by factors beyond their control, despite their vital contributions to the global economy. Enter Accloud; the developer of a business software solution that sought to give the small and mighty the tools they needed to grow in one, accessible system that had a low entry cost and boasted a wide range of functions. As well as offering business management solutions to its micro-SMEs, Accloud welcomes its users to a much large ecosystem that provides access to new markets and services, from finding capital to managing tax, accounting and trading, all in one place. The Hub is Accloud’s comprehensive platform comprising multilingual business tools that enable users to fully digitise their businesses, whether it be through mobile inventory management or configuring sales processes, through to regulating accounting and tax compliance to maintaining customer service. The Hub also acts as an extensive ecosystem with all the business and logistical tools required to facilitate tangible growth, opening up new worlds of opportunities to previously inaccessible markets and presenting a vast pool of resources to bypass intermediaries. Low cost and condensed into an engaging, fuss-free mobile application, the Hub makes business management and growth easier than ever before. From its headquarters in the UK, Accloud is currently rolling out its platform in India, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and home to more than 51 million SMEs. Although these entrepreneurs play a driving role in the economy, it is largely unacknowledged or unsupportable in a formal sense due to a lack of connectivity and business services support. The potential for boosting the SME market is huge, particularly within remote and rural communities where SMEs can create wealth and jobs and contribute to the GDP. Accloud is committed to unlocking that potential. Working alongside the Indian Government and its initiatives like Made in India, Digital India, and Skill India, Accloud is assisting in the introduction of the latest technologies to the market. In doing so, Accloud and the Indian Government is working to eliminate the typical limitations faced by the country’s entrepreneurs and micro- SMEs, such as minimised access to capital, markets and larger contact leads, as well as the lucrative ability to trade online. The widespread adoption of Accloud and its Hub by local telecom and technology providers has already begun to see exceptional W transformational opportunities for SMEs and for all levels of their communities. By boosting these businesses, Accloud contributes to raised household incomes, the creation of more jobs and higher GDP, which in turn enables access to lifechanging education and healthcare that are vital to raising communities out of the poverty cycle. Accloud’s support is also helping to break down gender barriers by opening the door for women to enter employment and feel the benefits of sustainable development of their communities. Now, as Accloud looks beyond India to South-East Asia and East Africa, its purpose remains simple, yet powerful: to provide the tools for growth that accommodates life-altering, sustainable change for the better. As businesses around the world continue to answer the call of the UN to deliver on its Sustainable Development Goals and increase the pace and scale of change, Accloud is stepping up, empowered by technology to contribute to the global movement. Driven by a team of experts in ITC, media, strategic communications, and sustainable enterprise, headed by CEO, Ross James, Accloud is leading the way into a brighter, more equal future built on sustainable business growth for all. Contact: Ross James Company: Accloud Web Address: