Issue 3 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 21 Innovative Financial Services ituated on Madison Avenue, New York City, SA Capital Partners is a team of financial services industry experts that specialize in innovative, comprehensive solutions to banking transactions of lower middle market businesses. Providing strategic alternatives to investment banking, SA Capital provides all the required resources for raising capital, mergers & acquisitions, and selling a business, in addition to offering leading corporate advisory services. The firm was founded by CEO Maz Pawar with a recognition of the inefficiencies within lower middle market businesses which, to SA Capital Partners, is the most crucial market in the US economy, but at the same time is the most underestimated and under-serviced. The majority of bulge bracket investment banks prefer to avoid dealing with transactions in this market, resulting in deal minimums compounded by an incomplete understanding of this poorly perceived market. Boutique investment banks that operate in the lower middle market often do so whilst charging large fees and employing less than conventional practices to supplement their fractured understanding of the market. SA Capital, on the other hand, brings profound, experienced knowledge of the market to its dealings with clients, and seeks to provide an alternate option to small business owners as they complete transactions. Wherever a client may be on its path to financial success, SA Capital’s breadth of industry knowledge and experience allows the firm to provide access to the financial services that will enable the achievement of each client’s individual business goals. Ultimately, SA Capital cares about its clients and all of its activities are carried out with a commitment to the client’s ambitions, timeframes and budgets. Partnering with a wide network of Private Equity Groups, Venture Capital Groups, Family Offices, investment banks, and other lenders, the firm is able to offer the most comprehensive assistance in completing any transaction. That is why SA Capital boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Accordingly, Maz takes great pride in the team of people that power SA Capital. Having recruited and retained a collective of talent built from highly motivated people, SA Capital empowers its team to work closely and decisively with their clients, providing them with the full support and resources to feel totally confident in their work. As such, SA Capital invests heavily in the recruiting, training and staffing processes of the company, as well as the reviewing and mentoring of its team of professionals to prepare them for future leadership roles. The result is a team of ambitious, driven individuals who constantly aspire to deliver excellence for their company and clients. Consequently, SA Capital has transitioned to remote working and operations in Covid-climates seamlessly, thinking innovatively so as to maintain high standards in services and customer experience. S SA Capital Services is a leading provider of innovative financial services for lower middle market businesses seeking alternatives to investment banking. Specialists in mergers & acquisitions, corporate advisory and capital raising, SA Capital is on a mission to boost one of the most crucial but underdeveloped markets in the US economy by giving smaller businesses well-informed advice to achieve financial success. We put together a profile on the company that is turning the US business market on its head. SA Capital now predominantly works with clients through Zoom meetings and has additionally adapted its advisory services to include strategizing the attraction of investors in an economy afflicted by Covid-19. Even in the face of global crisis, SA Capital honors its commitment to delivering specialized attention and advice to its clientele, and the exciting growth of the firm across the US to Chicago is testament to the success and flourishing reputation of the firm. Now, as SA Capital expands its operations to a new headquarters in Chicago, it is clear that the pandemic and influx of remote working is doing nothing to slow down the steady progress of the innovative financial services firm. We look forward to seeing what is next for SA Capital as the firm takes its next impressive step in its evolution. Company: SA Capital Partners Contact: Maz Pawar Email: Website: SA Capital’s breadth of industry knowledge and experience allows the firm to provide access to the financial services that will enable the achievement of each client’s individual business goals. Jan21159