Issue 3 2021

10 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 Healing the Healthcare Industry stablished in 2014, Healthcare Consulting Services was created with a vision to reform the healthcare system of India and better serve small and mid-sized hospitals. Bringing together nearly fifteen years of experience within the fields of medicine, management, hospital planning and project development, HCS’ team of consultants share a vision to offer sustainable strategies that will help hospitals achieve a universal standard of excellence. In some cases, hospitals only require its processes to be streamlined, whilst others need complete restructuring. HCS has encountered the full spectrum of requirements in the hospitals it has worked with, facing challenges such as lack of strategies, improper medical equipment planning or absence of sufficient medical professionals, improper architectural planning and deviated focus from marketing and sales. With the support of HCS and its team of experienced professionals and comprehensive resources, hospitals are reinvigorated, enabling the delivery of better patient care and enhancing its community. E Offering comprehensive services that include everything from marketing and branding to the implementation of clinical and non- clinical departments and medical equipment planning, HCS’s team works seamlessly alongside the day-to-day running of a hospital so as not to impede progress. It is HCS’s unintrusive yet open and honest service which delivers effective results that sets it apart in the field of hospital consulting, establishing the firm as a premier choice in Western and Central India. Consequently, HCS has seen steady growth since 2014, expanding its portfolio from individual projects in various hospitals across Mumbai to managing complete business operations of several hospitals in its full management and sustainability programmes. Today, HCS manages several hospitals across Western and Central India both directly and in an advisory capacity, with plans to manage investor- owned, franchise and chain hospitals as well in the near future. This is just one of the many goals that HCS has set itself for the months and years ahead, which primarily consist of growing its management portfolio of hospitals from two to twelve in each state it is active in, which it hopes to double or triple in next three to five years. With additional plans for collaboration, education, and technological innovation also in the works, there is no doubt that exciting things lie ahead for HCS as it continues striving to heal the healthcare systems of India. Healthcare Consulting Services is a Mumbai-based company of healthcare specialists committed to improving hospital operations as part of a nationwide reformation of the hospital and healthcare system. Offering corporate governance to small to mid-sized hospitals in rural, semi-urban and urban settings, HCS is guiding hospitals in need on a sustainable path towards higher, universal standards. Dec20350 Company: Healthcare Consulting Services Contact: Amit Sontakke Website: