Issue 3 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2020 27 integrate seamlessly into current infrastructures. What WatchDog systems are able to offer is enhanced reliability and safety thanks to innovative features such as multi-location remote monitoring, Wide Dynamic Range for troublesome areas with challenging lighting conditions and automated vehicle access control through ANPR and HD surveillance. The education sector, too, is one which could see a tremendous benefit from the security options that WatchDog has to offer. A comprehensive IP solution of the sort that this team has to offer will not only link with the current systems, but use whatever type of camera is available. Educational institutions are becoming more aware of the way in which security is a concern, with particular focus on emergency situations ranging from accidents to active shooters. With multiple angles on an incident, it’s possible for emergency service personnel to make smarter decisions faster. The safety culture cultivated by these decisions will allow students and teachers to operate in an environment of education without fear of what could happen and where they can focus on the important task of education. Of course, it goes without saying that video cameras deter theft, vandalism, drug use, assault and other criminal activity and can of course provide vital evidence to investigators. All of these activities can take place at schools and having a system in place reduces the chance of it happening. This approach, driven more by a duty of care, is also incredibly helpful to those working in healthcare. Needless to say, a great WatchDog Wonder Wins Award deal of importance is placed on ensuring that patients, visitors and employees are safe in relation to their physical surroundings, work and procedures. What video surveillance can do is alert security to any untoward activities, such as drugs theft, abuse or unauthorized individuals entering restricted areas. An IP video solution means that the entire facility can be monitored by security staff from anywhere that there is internet access. This makes the process of security far more dynamic, enabling exceptional freedom of movement to handle crises as they occur. When it comes to finding the ideal security solution, there are few options more highly recommendable than WatchDog. With an eye always on the technological development of these items, you can be sure of an answer that meets the needs of the time with such a wide range of options that one will be ideally suited to the task. It’s a demonstration of clear flexibility that has allowed the company to achieve such amazing success. Contact: Ravi Prakash Website: