Issue 3 2020

22 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2020 Nov19500 Crème of the Crop Lighting Solutions Growing anything requires dedication. Constant care often takes the form of making the thing growing has access to food, drink, warmth, and light. Plants in particular, need an abundance of all four in order to maximize both size and yield. Helping farmers and growers across the United States is Growgenics, named the Most Outstanding Horticulture Lighting Technology Firm in 2019. As we turn the spotlight on the firm, discover why it has become such a success over the last six years. ormed in 2014, Growgenics is an advanced, LED-focused, horticultural lighting company. Using American-manufactured technology with high-performance LEDs and other innovative components, the firm aims to help plant growers maximize vegetative yield, whilst running at 50 percent less power and producing 50 percent less heat than standard growing lights. Designed with growers in mind, Growgenics’ technology is re- shaping the horticulture lighting industry through cutting-edge design and innovative solutions to age-old problems. As the markets of indoor cannabis growth and vertical food farming continue to expand rapidly, there has seldom been a better time for what Growgenics is offering to its clients. Based on extensive research, the team at Growgenics identified ten different, plant-specific LED frequencies that affect the photosynthesis process. Armed with that research, the firm set about creating growth-focused lighting that stands apart with modular design, adjustable light spectrum ratios, and innovative shape-lighting. The result is truly remarkable; a piece of technology that drives maximum photonic energy directly onto plant foliage via changeable and pivoting module segments. The unique design of the technology enables users to easily and quickly change the angles of light modules to direct the maximum amounts of photonic energy directly onto the plant where it is required most. The innovation on offer through the Growgenics Lighting System can majorly benefit four areas of horticulture: indoor cannabis cultivation, vertical food farming, supplementary greenhouse lighting, and botany-based research. Firstly, cannabis cultivation. The tech’s ability to direct all photonic energy directly onto canopies helps maximize growth, whilst the Tunable Light Spectrum can specify the exact frequencies required for maximum yield. Recent tests have shown that Growgenics’ variable colour ratio technology was able to increase THC content by between 31% and 72% when compared to other lighting solutions. Vertical food farming represents the future of agriculture for many, and Growgenics is helping to light the way forward. The advanced LED tech expertly serves the specific needs of vertical farmers, based upon in-house research that examined NASA and various universities’ findings on efficient lighting. F Company: Growgenics LLC Contact: Richard Genga Website: Whether growing herbs, berries, or microgreens, the variable spectrum means that nutrition content can be increased, giving even more control to farmers of the future. During winter months, it can be hard for plants living in greenhouses to get the necessary light for sustainable growth. Supplementary light from Growgenics allows for a cooler, more efficient, and intuitive experience in growing. Not only is the firm creating cutting-edge lighting technology to maximize vegetative yield, significantly increase THC content in cannabis, and bolster rich plant features, but the team at Growgenics is also exemplifying both innovation and safety in abundance. Users can vary and set ratios for plant-specific LED frequencies regardless of species through a smartphone and desktop app that pairs with the technology. The technology’s unique safety measures include day and night inspection modes, as well as energy savings that can save growers thousands of dollars in terms of their HVAC and electric bill costs. Success is always engineered by having the right people in the right place, with the right product at the right time. The leadership team at Growgenics collectively boasts more than a hundred years’ experience in engineering, business management, business development, and advanced product development. CEO Rick Genga, VP of Business Development Joe Anter, and CFO Robert Flynn have sagely led the firm to success after success, alongside a team of horticulture and botany experts, design experts, programmers, and business advisors who deliver on exceptional standards. With an innovative product, exploding market, and dedicated team of seasoned professionals, there is no reason for the success to stop coming. Ultimately, the firm’s future is one of excitement, ad ongoing innovation for the worlds of agriculture and horticulture. Through its pioneering research, development, and growth- testing laboratories, Growgenics will continue to provide only the highest levels of quality in all its products, whilst addressing the needs of growers in effective and efficient ways. With more innovation always on the horizon, there is a wealth of enthusiasm for the success that Growgenics will continue to achieve.