Issue 3 2020

18 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2020 Sep19513 Defending Washington’s White-Collar Workers Operating as a powerful who’s who of legal excellence, Murphy & McGonigle brings together some of the finest minds in the United States to deliver great service for clients. As part of the firm’s inclusion in Acquisition International magazine, we examine the outstanding work of those lawyers working in the firm’s white-collar criminal defence litigation department in Washington D.C. hilst a good law firm might be able to successfully manage a courtroom or arbitration case, a truly exceptional law firm will be able to dominate proceedings with unmatched insight and knowledge that overpowers the opposition. Drawing on all its considerable experience, the team at Murphy & McGonigle serve the litigation, enforcement defense, and regulatory needs of clients throughout the entirety of the financial services industry. All manner of corporates and organizations require legal protection at some point, and Murphy & McGonigle seek to provide them to entities such as national banks, broker-dealers, investment advisers, hedge funds, and national and international securities markets and exchanges. Operating across offices in New York, Richmond, and Washington D.C., the team at Murphy & McGonigle covers much of America’s northeast coast and its various hubs of business. New York and Washington D.C. in particular, are home to some of the largest organizations in the world. The firm’s white-collar defense, investigations, and compliance counseling group takes pride in its ability to represent a wide range of clients. These can include domestic and international companies, financial institutions, and individuals, any of whom are involved in domestic, international, and cross-border governmental investigations, enforcement actions, internal investigations, litigation, arbitration, or commercial disputes. However, in order to protect the best, you have to be the best. So, that is exactly what Murphy & McGonigle has done. The white-collar defense team at Murphy & McGonigle is largely comprised former federal prosecutors and enforcement attorneys, each of whom has accrued a wealth of experience in representing companies and individuals accused of business crimes. Accusers often take the form of major organizations such as the U.S. Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Attorney’s Offices, and others. Facing these monumental organizations alone can be terrifying, but the resolute steadfastness of the team at Murphy & McGonigle can help ensure that justice is done. Every partner and member of the Murphy & McGonigle team works tirelessly alongside companies to conduct internal investigations and represent individual executives currently embroiled in corporate internal investigations. By dealing with prosecutions, enforcement actions, and regulatory matters, some of the firm’s most important victories have come in convincing criminal enforcement authorities not to proceed with a prosecution case against the clients, dealing untold economic and reputational damage. In each case that the team take on, the core focus and service delivery remains the same. Whilst accusations and cases may vary, Murphy & McGonigle approach each matter with the aim of tailoring advice to achieve the best possible results for clients in light of circumstances that has seen governmental enforcement agencies and litigation opponents get involved. Where possible, the team also works hard to help clients proactively avoid the problems that can culminate in governmental investigations, interventions, disputes, and legal cases arising in the future. Alongside the legal services that Murphy & McGonigle offers, it also supports clients through counseling, training, and the establishment of thorough compliance programs that address both current and future governmental regulations. Every lawyer at Murphy & McGonigle, especially those working at Washington D.C.’s office for white-collar crimes, brings an exceptional level of legal prowess to every case. Being accused of anything is terrifying experience, but having the backing of some of America’s most prominent and brilliant lawyers can help make any case clearer and less worrying for those involved. Company: Murphy & McGonigle Contact: Carol Bruce Website: W “Being accused of anything is terrifying experience, but having the backing of some of America’s most prominent and brilliant lawyers can help make any case clearer and less worrying for those involved.”