Issue 3 2020

16 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2020 Dec19046 Intellectual Property Prodigy Ownership of creativeness is complicated because what is owned is more complex than a physical object. The laws governing concepts, ideas and execution are complex and varied, but for those needing guidance, there is none finer than Twiggy MH Liu. Named in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence award as the Most Influential Woman in Intellectual Property Law 2020 - Hong Kong, we took a closer look at Twiggy to discover more about her extraordinary success. or over thirty years, Twiggy MH Liu has been leading the way in the world of Intellectual Property laws. After taking leading roles at several law firms, both Hong Kong and international, she established the renowned Twiggy MH Liu Law Office in 2006. Since starting business, it has been named as a leading and outstanding IP firm by a number of international publications and organizations. Amongst her peers, Twiggy is very highly regarded, being recognized as an Asia Law Leading lawyer. Twiggy has worked over a number of different sectors, representing a wide variety of clients that range from food to pharmaceuticals, from entertainment to education. Often, these cases cover a range of different challenges including non-contentious, contentious, licensing, enforcement, franchising, merchandising and commercial matters. Twiggy’s strong and continued success in this field demonstrates that the breadth of knowledge she holds is formidable. She represents multi-national corporations on a global stage. Twiggy HM Liu Law Office has been able to specialize in the handling of brand building, IP portfolio planning, strategy, management and administration. The firm places a strong emphasis on providing clients with a service that is both efficient and professional, delivering both on time and on budget. Always at the forefront of this approach, however, is the knowledge that compromise must not be made in terms of accuracy, attentiveness or integrity. Twiggy has extensive experience and has been very successful in intellectual property rights enforcement in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, not to mention on the Internet. This has allowed the firm opportunities for expansion and increasing globalization has developed new markets which Twiggy has taken a principle role in. Clients demand, and need, cross-border IP services for which Twiggy has been fortunate to set up a wholly owned state appointed IP services company in Shenzhen, China. This provides IP and related services, for Chinese and overseas companies. IP law covers so many aspects of our lives and people generally know very little about it. This is why businesses are fortunate to be able to rely on steadfast firms like the Twiggy MH Liu Law Office, providing sage advice that makes the whole process much simpler. It is what has allowed her to achieve such amazing success. Twiggy obtained her LLB from University of London and PCLL from University of Hong Kong. She was admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 1984. In addition to this, she has also been admitted in Australia, Singapore and the UK. Currently, Twiggy is a member of F many professional organizations including ITMA, INTA, AIPPI, LES and APAA. Her interest in the industry has ensured that she has played an active role in the growth and development of IP law. Company: Twiggy MH Liu Law Office Address: 4104 Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong Telephone: (852) 2155 0288 Email: Contact: Twiggy Liu Website: “Always at the forefront of this approach, however, is the knowledge that compromise must not be made in terms of accuracy, attentiveness or integrity.”