AI Magazine Issue 3 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2018 45 ROMAN ARROYO Abogados & Consultores is a Peruvian law firm, whose main objective is to provide assistance in the prevention and resolution of conflicts in an interdisciplinary manner. Recently, we spoke with Alvaro Roman Arroyo as we discovered more about the innovative company. OMANARROYOAbogados&Consultores is a Peruvian law firmwhosemain objective is to pay attention in the prevention and resolution of conflicts in an interdisciplinary manner, as well as in advising companies in their investment projects. In that sense, the firm’s main priority, par excellence, is to provide an integral service, with effective, creative and responsible solutions according to the needs of each client. The firm places a strong focus on maintaining a long-term relationship and team work with their clients, providing them with personalised attention. The issue of prevention and conflict resolution, as well as business advice is an issue in which we are specialised. With a multidisciplinary team of lawyers who are recognised in Perú with national and international training and postgraduate studies at the most prestigious universities, the professionals at ROMAN ARROYO Abogados & Consultores are fluent in Spanish, English. Beginning this interview, Alvaro explains to us the overall mission of the firm, going into detail about the steps they take to achieve it. “Here at ROMAN ARROYO Abogados & Consultores, we are proud to represent both national and multinational companies, as well as international organisations in the successful development of their projects in Peru. “Overall, our firm’s mission is to provide legal advice to individuals, companies and both private and public organisations in the areas of Conflict Resolution. This covers the negotiation, extrajudicial and judicial aspect. “Ourknowledge intheareasofpracticethatweoffer,allows us to communicate with our clients in their own language to achieve a thorough understanding of their problems and needs, offering them the solutions they require for each particular case. “As for our view, we consolidate as the legal signature par excellence within the field of conflict resolution and construction law in Peru. Alongside this, our corporate values enable us to be dedicated to the cause, so that our services generate profitability for our clients, attending to their needs, saving costs and reducing risks. “The integrity that we uphold, means that our actions seek the benefit of our customers through our experience and knowledge.Also,ourcommitment istothesuccessofwhat the client seeks through our services. “Lastly, the responsibility values that we adhere to ensures that we are aware of the importance both individuals and companies have in our work. Which is why, we always act with knowledge and professionalism.” Contact: Alvaro Roman Arroyo Company: Roman Arroyo Abogados & Asociados S.A.C. Jirón Torres de Oropesa No. 246, Urbanization Cover of the Sun District from La Molina. Lima Peru. Telephone: 00511 997 580 407 Web Address: E-mail: consultas@roman- ActingwithKnowledge andProfessionalism R 1802AI85 Recently, the firm were selected in the 2018 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Influential Contracts NegotiationLawyer2018–Peru.Speakingof thesuccess, Alvaro explains to us what this means for both himself and firm, as well as highlighting the internal culture within the company. “It is certainly a great honour to be a reference framework for the award that is given to me by you. In that sense, it is important to offer my thanks to the people who have made this designation possible that I hope to repeat in the following years. “Formepersonally,itisagreatsatisfactionthatconsolidates my professional growth as a lawyer in negotiation within Peru. For the law firm that I direct, it is also a great honour thatwehavebeenconsideredamongsomanycandidates to be appointed and elected as winners. “At ROMAN ARROYO Abogados & Consultores, communication isourbest tool.Thisapplies toboth internal and external customers. Our work fundamentals ensures that communication, coupled with professionalism, generates an efficient value in the legal services that we provide to our clients.” Bringing the interview to a close, Alvaro reflects on the techniques the firm employs to stay ahead of emerging developments, as well as noting on the opportunities that are availablewithin their region at this present time. “Technology is mainly one of the elements that ROMAN ARROYO & ABOGADOS employs in the provision of its legal services. The reason being, is that we believe technology is one of the benefits that can best integrate information, in an agile and timely way, just when it is required. “Currently,Peru isacountryfullofopportunitiesfor investors of all kinds. Capitals and investors look to Peru as an important country to conduct business and investments within, as such, I invite all those interested who can bet on our country, which I amsurewill not disappoint.” Looking ahead, Alvaro highlights what the future has in store for the successful firm, as well as informing us of ROMAN ARROYO Abogados & Consultores’ hopes for 2018. “Moving forward, we wish to explore greater scope in our legal services within the interior of the country. ROMAN ARROYO & ABOGADOS currently has its offices in Lima and we hope that in this year 2018, we can open offices or alliances with other firms within the country.”