AI Magazine Issue 3 2018

38 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2018 Mediastic is specialised exclusively in digital law, in sectors of computer science, media, visual arts, design, audio-visual, cinema, music, photography and fashion. We profile the firm and get some insight from founder, Anne-Katel Martineau into the secrets behind its ongoing success. stablished in 2007, Mediastic was founded by Anne-Katel Martineau, drawing on partnerships with European and American Law firms with an expertise in Intellectual property and Information technology law. In late 2010, Mediastic developed its expertise about art market Law in Asia (Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore and China). Operating with an accomplished team full of experience, the firm is focused on the law of live performance and the art market, two areas where knowledge of its uses are just as important as legal skills. The firm attaches great importance to innovation and has supported numerous start-ups since December 2007 in France and abroad. Mediastic has a strong network of international lawyers which contributes greatly to the success of the company, as the team provide more flexibility than bigger law firms, whilst also offering competitive fees. Amongst the firm, the team possesses a real passion of helping the client in any way possible, understanding the challenges that the company wishes to meet, as it looks to accompany clients with strategic decisions. In terms of legal decisions, the firm gives clients access to all of its legal knowledge and expertise, but focuses mainly on being passionate about information and communication technologies. Innovative in its nature, Mediastic puts a different spin on various legal solutions, and operates with a priority of always finding the solutions to adapt to projects, and as such, securing them in the long term. Affordable and versatile, clients work with the firm as they are impressed with the expertise offered by the legal team. Subsequently, Mediastic has taken on many high-profile companies across the globe, including start-ups, freelancers, and artists in their creative and innovative projects. Company: Cabinet MEDIASTIC Contact: Anne-Katel Martineau Address: Cabinet Mediastic, Maître Anne-Katel Martineau, 14, Villa Deshayes 75014 Paris- France Phone: 0033 1 45 40 01 30 Website: ADifferent Perspective on ITLaw E 1801AI44 Finding the best strategy is the first process for Mediastic, as a major aspect of the company’s focus is to find the best strategy in a competent, transparent and responsive manner. This approach to clients is just one of the many aspects which has seen Anne- Katel be selected as AI’s Most Influential Women in Intellectual Property in France. She explains to us what this means for as an honour and going forwards, as she continues to work with clients across the globe. “It is an honour to be selected as the Most Influential Woman in Intellectual property within France because it has been my passion for the last 15 years. This award encourages me to work very closely with my clients, as I did since the beginning of my law firm between Paris and New York City.” An expert in her area of practice, Anne-Katel is the author of the guide about art market law in France published by Gualino-Expert collection, which will be available later this year. Additionally, Anne-Katel is passionate about her work as a lawyer, but also about culture and technology, and is a radio presenter with monthly shows about contemporary art and literature. Adopting a humanistic approach, Mediastic also provides outstanding legal services. Anne-Katel thinks that the psychological, sociological, political and moral dimensions of the lawyer’s work cannot be ignored. It is helpful to both sides if there is a better understanding of clients’ needs. Ultimately, whilst always looking to do the best for her clients, Anne-Katel and her law firm are looking forward to an exciting future as the team looks to capitalise on its ongoing success and become a leader in the legal sector. “It is an honour to be selected as the Most Influential Woman in Intellectual property within France because it has been my passion for the last 15 years.”