AI Magazine Issue 3 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2018 37 Irwin IP LLC is a dedicated and expert legal firm, concentrating on intellectual property and technology-related litigation. We profile the firm and speak to Barry Irwin, looking to uncover more secrets behind its success. rwin IP defends clients in bet-the-company intellectual property and technology- related matters and helps them enforce and monetise their intellectual property. Additionally, the firm handles Patent Office patent validity challenges, provides intellectual property counselling, and supports merger and acquisitions due diligence. Akey aspect of Irwin IP’s success is its approach when undertaking a new client or project. Barry outlines the approach of the firm in this sense, referring to the great focus that the team pays to each individual case. “Irwin IP is driven to provide premium legal representation, at reasonable rates, and with billing integrity. We thoroughly analyze each case, identify winning arguments and the best strategies for presenting them (often unique and creative), zealously prepare the case for trial, and bring matters to closure promptly so your company can get back to business.” Boasting an impressive track record at former big- law firms, Irwin IP leaders had spectacular success working on high-profile cases for amazing clients. However, with ever increasing big-law billing rates, Barry explains how the firm leaders were left with a choice: either abandon certain clients, or start a new firm and charge rates they could afford. Irwin IP leaders proudly chose the latter. “As time went on, litigation costs became problematic. Irwin IP lawyers had a choice: forgo representing certain clients that could not afford those costs, or start a new firm dedicated to providing premier legal representation at reasonable rates, and with billing integrity. We obtain satisfaction from representing all of our clients and did not want to lose any of them. So, we chose to start our own firm. Now, at Irwin IP, you get all of the experience and credentials, but at a fraction of the cost.” Irwin IP closely monitors new and emerging developments in intellectual property law and related Company: Irwin IP LLC Name: Barry F. Irwin Address: 222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2350, Chicago, Illinois 60606 Telephone: 630-756-3100 Web Address: Legal Experts in Intellectual Property I 1802A105 industries, priding itself on its ability to stay ahead of the curve. Irwin IP’s staff is essential to the success of the firm, and Irwin IP is fortunate to have intelligent, hard- working, creative and driven staff that takes ownership of their matters through resolution. Cultivating a thriving working environment and producing an atmosphere which enables people to enjoy going to work, is crucial to the company’s achievements. “Here at Irwin IP, the firm’s primary motivations and aspirations include developing interesting clients and matters; providing premium, ethical legal service; fostering attorney growth; and providing a healthy work-life balance.” Regarding the future aspirations of Irwin IP, Barry would like to see the firm to continue its current expansion in terms of the number of attorneys and staff, and he tells us about how a third office is opening soon. “Moving forward, we hope to continue to build a well- respected and full-service IP litigation boutique. Irwin IP currently has ten lawyers, and we hope to continue our organic growth and reach approximately 15-20 lawyers within the next few years. In May 2018, we are opening another office in downtown Chicago.” Barry signs off by informing of us a recent and valued addition to Irwin IP. “Recently, a well-regarded international trademark prosecution specialist, Amanda Roach, joined Irwin IP and we are happy to be able to offer her services to our clients.” “Here at Irwin IP, the firm’s primary motivations and aspirations include developing interesting clients and matters...”