AI Magazine Issue 3 2018

30 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2018 Schwartz Law Firm represents entrepreneurs and businesses throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa in matters of business law and commercial litigation. We invited Brandon Schwartz to explain more about the firm and give us more information on its ongoing success. chwartz Law Firm has been in existence for more than 30 years and was started by Brandon’s father, law partner and mentor, Michael D. Schwartz. Introducing himself, Brandon feels that he gained his competitive and winning mentality as a lawyer from playing professional hockey, as he explains how having people depend on him has helped drive him to become successful in his work. “During college, I played hockey before playing it professionally, and I have found that the challenges unique to being a litigator have fueled my competitive spirit. I love having a client depend on me for what is often the biggest issues facing them at the time. The strategy that goes into being a successful litigator and the pressure of litigation, are aspects of my job that I thoroughly enjoy.” Possessing a regional presence, the practice has offices located in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Brandon comments on the diverse client base that the firm often works with, and what the firm provides when clients are looking for that something extra. “Our clients range from individuals to local start-ups to multi-national multi-million-dollar corporations. When a client requires intelligent and experienced counsel, they want to work with attorneys who will zealously, ethically and diligently work to achieve their goals. In addition to our business practice, we provide counsel in matters of health care, general litigation and family law.” Regarding the firm’s business strategy, Brandon and the team ensure that the client service that they deliver and the results that the practice produces are at the highest level, which subsequently guarantees return business, as many of the clients the firm gains are due to word of mouth. “As a discrete law firm, we do not advertise and find that providing top-notch, honest and zealous representation Company: Schwartz Law Firm Contact: Brandon Schwartz Address: 600 Inwood Avenue North, Suite 130, Oakdale, Minnesota, 55128, USA Phone: 001 651 528 6800 Website: WhenWinning Matters S 1803AI20 has resulted in satisfied clients who are our greatest referral sources. When a business or individual needs representation, they want to hire an attorney that their friend, colleague, or another business used with great results and whose referral they trust. We provide that representation by ensuring that our client’s questions are answered during the entire process, and by aggressively advocating for their best interests.” Featuring as part of the 2018 Leading Adviser Awards as the Leading Civil Trial Attorney of the Year in Minnesota, Brandon tells us what this means for him and his firm and how it will help moving forwards. “Today, with internet research on attorneys being so easy and simple, I think the award provides support to the referrals that our clients give us. Being recognized is humbling given the number of high quality litigators in Minnesota.” Within the legal industry, there are many challenges and opportunities which the team are constantly having to adapt to, and Brandon explains what techniques the team employs in order to stay ahead of any developments which are likely to arise within the legal sector. “Currently, I think the challenge in litigation today, which is not necessarily unique to Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa, is the cost of litigation. With how contentious litigation has become, with how uncooperative some attorneys are, with the volume and costs of discovery (and in particular, Electronically Stored Information), and motion practice, some individuals and businesses simply cannot afford to litigate their dispute to conclusion. This is unfortunate as there are some disputes that should be resolved on the merits, rather than out of necessity due to the costs associated with ongoing litigation. With every new case, we look at these issues and put together a game plan to help work towards our client’s goal expeditiously, cost effectively, and zealously.” Within the firm, Brandon is keen to point out that staff, including his step-mom office manager, Kathy, and brother process server, Tyler, play an extremely important role in the success of Schwartz Law Firm. He comments on the availability of both himself and the team at all times, remarking how clients have expressed a lot of satisfaction with the firm’s team after working with the firm. “Today, with internet research on attorneys being so easy and simple, I think the award provides support to the referrals that our clients give us.”