AI Magazine Issue 3 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2018 27 complex and novel problems, sparking a growing demand for firms that can staff multi-disciplinary teams with industry specific experience. Consulting firms with an edge in digital are set to reap a larger share of overall growth as businesses seek to replace legacy systems and outdated processes with new, more innovative and automated ways of working.” With the consulting industry constantly developing, Protiviti must adapt to any advances which may arise, and employ techniques which help it to stay ahead of emerging developments. Mark explains what techniques the firm and its team use in order to adapt to these changes. “Firstly, we maintain a close dialogue with our clients, regulators and industry and trade bodies. However, most of our intelligence comes from employing sharp- minded professionals who are technical experts in chosen fields. Our professionals are helping many businesses across varied industry sectors to resolve their most critical business problems, risks and opportunities which have derived from environmental, geopolitical, technological, societal and economic change. “This intelligence is captured using our knowledge tools and disseminated across our client facing teams, to ensure they are up to date on emerging developments. As organisations continue to evolve their risk governance practices, we gather and share focused and relevant information about emerging risks that we see. Often, we share emergent topics and trends through thought pieces, videos, webinars and podcasts to help them navigate a way through them.” Describing the internal culture within the firm, Mark comments on how the team ensure that all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients, letting staff thrive in a diverse working environment. “At Protiviti, we strive to create a diverse company culture, which embraces the varied backgrounds and experience of our employees. Our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives designed to attract, develop, and retain the most talented and qualified professionals in the market regardless of race, disability, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other dimension of diversity. “Essentially, our promises to our people are rooted in a desire to create a continuously improving firm that enhances, trusts and empowers our people to lead, learn, grow and make a difference. Protiviti has instilled an entrepreneurial culture that empowers our people to excel individually within their field of expertise and collectively as a cohesive team, both locally and globally. Ultimately, regarding the future of the firm, Mark and the team are incredibly confident about the times ahead for Protiviti. In his concluding comments, Mark believes that the team will continue to work hard and adopt a collaborative approach, which will see staff work exceptionally hard to provide the best option for clients. “Looking ahead, at Protiviti we are very confident about our future. We strive every day to help our clients confidently face the future, by helping them discover previously unseen opportunities and manage risks. Our innovative and collaborative approach, as well as our growing reputation for high quality advisory services, means that we are also confident about the opportunities that lie ahead of us to grow our business.” Protiviti – Helping Companies Confidently Face the Future