AI Magazine Issue 3 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2018 21 Discretion, Professionalism and Speed Regarding the internal culture within the firm, Jan comments on how he gives his employees the freedom necessary to enhance staff creativity, and not micro manage in order to stifle inspiration. “Within the Pavelka, the internal culture of our firm is very much inspiring and free. We are trying not to push people beyond their limits as this is quite persistent in our industry. I would use two words to describe our approach: Communication, and constant self-education.” Ultimately, there is a feeling of excitement with regard to what the future holds for Pavelka. Being highly focused, Jan remarks that the firm are always prepared for whatever challenges are possibly around the corner and may arise, and are subsequently in a position to help clients adapt. “Moving forward, we want to expand our knowledge and expertise to be the best partner for our clients in the future. We are not aiming on simple growth of our law firm, yet we are highly focused on quality of services we provide. “Throughout the company, the team strongly believe the new financial crisis is coming soon. Therefore, we are preparing our clients for upcoming changes, supporting them to be the most healthy, stable and successful and not shut down as their competitors might.” “Lastly, we at Pavelka would like to say thank you for the award and we understand this as a big commitment for the future.”