Issue 2 2023

8 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2023 Dec22572 Prolific Services for Every Case Multi-award-winning Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm battles cases and provides legal advice for a diverse variety of clients spread across the globe. Working in many areas of law such as civil, commercial, property litigation, competition law, business law, and more, Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm covers a monumental amount of legal matters. Here we learn more about the firm as its very own Dimitrios Klidaras wins Leading Criminal Law Attorney of the Year 2022 – Greece. aw can seem extremely complex and difficult, which is exactly why we need entities like Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm to take the load. Making everything run smooth and look easy, the firm has caught our eye. As an impressive boutique law firm with a seasoned team of experts, Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm has become known overseas, as well as locally, for its effectiveness and client-centric approach. Offering a competent, trustworthy service is the very crux of the business – and this has continuously levelled up the business up year on year. Having a background in specialised branches of law including criminal law and financial crime, Dimitrios Klidaras, of Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm, has been elevating the firm’s status since the very beginning. As a prominent and passionate attorney in many areas of the legal sphere, Dimitrios has steadily become one to watch in the industry. The culture at Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm is centred around achieving the best outcomes for clients in the most time-efficient and costeffective way. It applies its team members’ experience on a daily basis, so that clients can achieve their desired results and get the L help they deserve. Teamwork and professional development is held high at the firm, which cultivates an ever-evolving atmosphere that inevitably keeps the team in high spirits. Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm’s core values are held high by the entire team. They believe in bridging the gap between courts and enterprises, so that they can learn from each other. Handling everything in a professional, confidential, and respectful manner, Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm has made an incredible impression on its clients – and us at Acquisition International. The firm won Leading Construction and Property Litigation Law Firm of the Year – Greece in Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser awards in 2021, and has been sharpening its skills ever since. Now, we are pleased to announce that its very own Dimitrios Klidaras has been awarded with the prestigious title of Leading Criminal Law Attorney of the Year 2022 – Greece. By consistently changing and advancing in the industry, Dimitrios is able to help a vast collection of clients to receive justice, therefore steadily building an enviable reputation that will stand the test of time. Congratulations! Contact: Xanthippi Mikrou Company: Mikrou-Klidaras Law Firm Web Address: