Issue 2 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2023 5 LegaMart, a global online network, has launched a mentorship program to empower women in the legal profession. With a current gender pay gap of over 25% in the legal industry, the mentorship program aims to empower lawyers with the opportunity to learn from experienced industry progressions. Hamid Bagherzadeh, Co-Founder of LegaMart said: “Whether individuals are preparing for their law school exams, interviewing for a firm, or choosing their future career path, the mentorship offers women a route to explore. We are keen to support the next generation of lawyers, particularly from diverse backgrounds, and our mentorship program allows us to make great strides within the industry. “There is no doubt that female attorneys are held back in this industry for a variety of reasons, including gender bias, stereotyping, and unequal pay for equal work. To combat this, we have implemented peer support, equal pay for cases, and preferred working hours to balance the obstacles female attorneys can experience in their legal careers. This is why we are looking forward to taking our mentorship program further in 2023 and hope to reach a wider audience to create a vast network of empowered lawyers around the globe” LegaMart is active in more than 100 countries with over 2000 lawyers within its network. The business has created a global online network where lawyers are paired with applicants utilising an algorithm that focuses on the client, job specification, and the lawyer’s practice area. LegaMart has celebrated securing funding of £1,700 in recent months through an angel investor, with plans to expand further in 2023 with further fundraising. This will support the brand in continuing to innovate and improve the strength of its online network. With research showing women in the largest law firms earn a fifth less than men, LegaMart is committed to offering the same cases to all lawyers in their marketplace, removing the gender bias which exists in the legal industry. Through machine learning and AI, LegaMart aims to facilitate equal pay for women in the network. Hamid Bagherzadeh added: “We know there is a significant way to go in the industry in order to ensure that women are receiving the same opportunities as men. With our mentorship, we have had more than 90 mentees participate Global law-matching marketplace aims to close pay gap in the legal industry in the program, where they are looking to build their academic path and focus on new areas of law. “The program allows for the combination of experiences, which is vital for women in the workplace. It means senior leaders can support the professional development of young lawyers, building their confidence and guiding them through challenges in their careers. Having a positive role model within your industry is an invaluable experience.”