Issue 2 2023

Winners’ Listings Best International IT Solutions Provider 2023 - Malaysia Abhidi Solution Ghanisht Juneja Abhidi Solution is a leading Information Technology (IT) staffing provider in Asia Pacific region operating in 10 countries from offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines Best Real Estate Law Firm 2023 - Florida Simply Legal Hector Perez Most Outstanding CNC Tools Manufacturing Firm 2023 - Australia Anca Cnc Machines Caroline Moran Safety Engineering Company of the Year 2023 - Mid-Atlantic USA HHC Safety Engineering Services Inc. Janine Mccartney HHC Safety Engineering Services, Inc. provides safety engineering and expert witness services to companies in manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, insurance, and the legal community. Best SaaS Sales Recruitment Firm 2023 - Europe Bluebird Adriaan Ten Bosch 2023’s Leading Innovators in Deep Learning Solutions - Pune Jash Data Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Darshak Shah Most Innovative Hospitality Digital Menu Solution 2023: Roomorders Roomorders, Inc RoomOrders is a cloud-based menu that brings hospitality into the LowTouch Economy by digitalizing orders and payments of goods and services. Most Innovative Product Engineering Solutions Company 2023 - India Utthunga Technologies Nithin S.P Most Advanced Smart Hotel Energy Management Company 2023 - Asia & EMEA Sensorflow Keira Mokhtar SensorFlow helps hotels be more energy-efficient and sustainable using IoT and Ai-based solutions. Our occupancy-based heating and cooling automation can save up to 15% of total hotel energy bills. Best Consumer Spending Data Insights Company 2023 - New Zealand Marketview Ltd Joanna Anderson Global Excellence Awards 2023