Issue 2 2023

16 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2023 Leading Procurement Law Firm of the Year - Italy tudio Legale Valaguzza is a leading Italian law firm specialised in the field of administrative law, public procurement, construction law, project financing, and urban regeneration programmes in particular. The firm’s public clients primarily include administrations and publicly owned companies, such as multiutilities, and state investment funds, whilst its private clients are mainly developers, general contractors, and architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) companies working in the construction sector. More recently in 2022, SLV focused its consulting activities on implementing contract clauses to enable clients achieving proper contract rebalancing, due to the rising costs of raw material and energy. In this great time of difficulty in the infrastructure and construction markets, the firm has been working on introducing open book rules in Italy, thanks to its knowledge of the UK market and the international networks of academics and legal professionals. The dedicated team at SLV strives every day to provide the clients with a highly specialised consultancy in the out-of-court activities. As the leading, and now the only, law firm in Italy able to create multiparty network agreements, SLV utilises legal instruments to set up a collaborative environment aimed at the achievement of common goals of public interest. Furthermore, in the context of raising relevance towards ESG criteria and policies, SLV has helped public clients to include into their procedures social, economic, and environmental KPI and targets: companies which realise such important values are rewarded in the context of the public procedure, with the provision of concreate measures and contractual obligations. The high-quality of SLV’s legal services, coupled with the speed of its responses, its innovative and tailor-made approach, and attention to the digitisation of procedures and projects help set it aside from competitors. Sara expands upon further key strengths which distinguish it in such a fiercely competitive sector: “We are committed to sensing market trends. Our deep knowledge of the process, and our sensibility to the regulatory developments, allow us to provide clients with a strategic point of view that is often fundamental in the context of a complex deal. “Plus our transparent and face-to-face consultancy approach on the legal and strategic aspects of projects helps the clients find the best solution, each and every time.” Composed of like-minded highly qualified lawyers and other experts that share the same passion for the law, the SLV team believes in empowering its staff by treating everyone like one big inclusive family. New starts get the option to choose which department to work in, whilst S Dec22267 the firm also assures practical and theorical moments of deepening, for example organising conferences, lessons, and panel discussions. “All these activities increase the solidity and the multidisciplinary of SLV as well as the background of the professional,” Sara states. “We invest a lot in training for the team as we believe that taking care of the workplace and the life quality of the team is fundamental to our success. We give the professional the opportunity to personalise the room and pets are allowed; we bought a fleet of e-bikes to facilitate movements within the city; smart working is encouraged; we try not to schedule calls and meetings after 6pm and during the weekend. Moreover, we care about the environment and in 2022 we consumed 100 % renewable energy.” These little touches and attention to details are not only fantastic for staff morale, but also the clients as they appreciate the contribution of the satisfied professionals and Sara explains that the company’s end targets are to ensure the complete satisfaction of clients and team members alike. “Our success in themarket demonstrates that this is a win-win approach.” Recently, for its customer-centric approach and refreshing attitude to internal culture, SLV gained recognition in the Leading Adviser Awards 2022 and was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Leading Procurement Law Firm of the Year – Italy. Now, as Sara and the firm look to the future in this historical moment of the Next Generation EU, she foretells that further sectors will be subject of a great development (both on economic and regulatory side) in regard to social housing and strategic infrastructures, such as harbours and other public assets. “We would like to confirm our leading position in the construction sector, by increasing even further the quality of our legal service and, consequently, the number of clients, including enabling foreign clients’ investments in our country.” Leading Italian law firm, Studio Legale Valaguzza (SLV) was founded by its namesake, Sara Valaguzza, attorney and full professor at the University of Milan. We speak to Sara and find out more as she celebrates receiving a prestigious title in the Leading Adviser Awards 2022. Contact: Sara Valaguzza Company: Studio Legale Valaguzza Web Address: