Issue 2 2021

38 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2021 A Strategy of Specialization The changing position of tax legislation is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. When the team from VA | Viana e Azevedo Advogados gets involved, they have the interests of their client at heart. Recognized in the AI Legal Awards as Tax Litigators of the Year - South America, we thought that the time had come to take a closer look at what has brought this extraordinary firm such success. hen VA was born, it was with the desire to deliver a service that was sophisticated in every sense of the word. Not simply content with maintaining the letter of the law, the team would aim to offer a strategic approach that would reward specialization in specific areas of the market. Over the years, the team has gained new and exciting levels of success in different fields, including administrative litigation, judicial litigation as well as corporate law and contracts, but the area which has yielded the most success is that of tax planning and consulting. While every area revolves around the unique demands of businesses, it is this which has brought them new levels of success. Tax planning is not always easy for businesses, with governments adjusting and changing the rules by which they work regularly. It pays to keep up to date with these demands as some changes can make certain sectors unviable for businesses. The team at VA take the time to get to know a company intimately, so that any changes that arise can be applied and owners informed. Put simply, they provide clients with ways of making their business feasible, both by guiding risks and assisting in the planning of their operations. W Company: VA | Viana e Azevedo Advogados Contact: Matheus Viana Website: Sep20148 The services that the team provide in this area are numerous, and include tax planning during business structuring or restructuring, the preparation of legal opinions and opinions related to highly complex topics as well as consultancy in international operations, including the application of agreements to avoid double taxation and the discipline of transfer pricing. The flexibility of the team’s approach, and the comprehensiveness of their remarks adds a much-needed element of security to many firm’s operations. The work of VA means that businesses can move forward, trusting that this is a team that is able to support them. The approach of the team, combining the fields of strategizing for the future, and updating to meet the needs of the present, are fundamental to any business and that is the benefit of working with the firm’s consulting officers. They know where business is going and can liaise with appropriate individuals to ensure that matters can be addressed in a comprehensive manner wherever possible. Of course, the staff have developed extraordinarily high standards of success, and businesses expect perfection as far as possible. To this end, the team apply the values of precision, technique, and creativity to each of their core competencies. This approach ensures not only that clients get the service they deserve, but that the team have the ability to adapt quickly to meet these needs. Far from a static organization, this is a firm that moves with the times and continually searches for more effective solutions on behalf of the clients. The work of VA has brought the team considerable success, and it is a credit to their work ethic and attitude. By focusing down on specific areas, the team have been able to secure the positions of their clients for years to come.