Issue 2 2021

28 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2021 Nov20217 Top Dog in App Development Headquartered in Philadelphia, Chop Dawg is a passionate and highly skilled app development company. Following its well-deserved success in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards, we got in touch with Tammy Slaughter to find out more about the leaders in mobile app development for business. stablished in 2009, Chop Dawg aims to guide each client that approaches them towards the right game plan for their venture’s long-term success. Going into further detail, Tammy begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight the vast range of clients the team effortlessly serve. “Over a decade ago as a teen, I walked door-to-door to the small businesses in my hometown with an offer to help get them online. This was the middle of the recession, and many people had yet to tap into the wonders of the internet, so they were lacking the online presence to reach a wider customer base. Although I didn’t have a driver’s licence at this point, I did have a company name and mission, to help these non-technical businesses adapt and thrive in the new economy, and with that, Chop Dawg was born. “Even companies with dedicated IT resources often look to a trusted outside resource when it comes to app development. As such, we work with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are often priced out of quality onshore app development, or worse, left behind due to a lack of tech savvy. With expertise in digital product design, development, and strategy, we are able to launch 350+ next generation apps. Whether it’s an existing company looking to augment their digital infrastructure to create a better experience for their team and customers alike, or a first-time entrepreneur with an incredible idea, our goal is to become an extension of their own team.” In its attempts to distance itself from competition, the firm strives to be more than just an app development agency, as Tammy goes on to explain. “Chop Dawg acts as a true partner to the start-ups and companies it works with every day. But the reality is, as we’ve grown and app standards have risen, our project costs to work with our core US-based team have also gone up. To combat this, we’ve started offering an alternate in-house development model, so our partners can choose to take advantage of cost savings, and work with our development team based in India. Nothing changes about our overall app development process as they’d still partner with one of our US-based UI/UX designers for the design, and have a dedicated onshore PM to walk them through the entire process. The only difference is, we’re able to pass those cost-savings on to our partnered clients, and bring partners into our wheelhouse to work within our proven methodology for much less than using our core onshore development team.” Regarding the internal culture in place, with the firm being such strong believers in continuous improvement, it’s important each team member plays their part, which Tammy is keen to highlight. E “As a team of leaders one of our core values comes down to making connections. When companies and entrepreneurs partner with us, we want them to become a part of the Chop Dawg family. In this regard, our team truly care about the growth and future success of entrepreneurs, companies, and next-generation start-ups. For each individual to thrive, accountability is key.” Finally, Tammy discusses the firm’s approach to recruitment before outlining some of its plans for 2021 and beyond. “When we onboard new team members, we’re looking for passion, a collaborative attitude, but most importantly a strong desire to truly take ownership. By seeking out a very specific type of freelancer, the kind of person who thrives on flexibility, accountability and welcomes opportunities, this allows us to capture the attention of some truly spectacular individuals, who are usually too challenge-hungry to stay long at a more traditional nine to five setting. From designers, developers, and project managers, each member of our team is here because they love what they do, and they are confident in their skillset. “Moving forward, the next few months will be critical as we continue to reach more entrepreneurs and businesses, and help them transform their businesses with the power of digital technology.” Company: Chop Dawg Contact: Tammy Slaughter Website: