Issue 2 2021

12 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2021 PWWDiscovery™ has been the launchpad for several of PWW’s new cutting-edge tools in primary and secondary research offering real-time accuracy. Examples include customer intelligence/voice- of-customer innovations and groundbreaking AI advancements in survey design. Others include PWW’s Insights Hub market intelligence software platform, and Profile360™, a rapid-response CI service to help enterprises gauge the impact of COVID-19 on their business. PWW’s most successful innovations are a direct result of collaborative research and development to improve how teams gather, disseminate, and draw conclusions from data. Much of PWW’s longevity is its ability to clearly define project scope, accurately convey deliverables, and demonstrate how this information will benefit the client in pragmatic terms. This experience has been crucial in successfully conveying the practical benefits of intelligence gathering and managing client expectations. PWW’s four intelligence disciplines are based on realistic project goals that clients understand—what market research really entails, what can be delivered, when it can be delivered, and how much it will cost. ProactiveWorldwide is continuing with its evolution of decision support services interlinking evidence-based market intelligence, competitor intelligence, and customer insights with strategy development and implementation. The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on ways PWW conducts competitive intelligence research. Virtual wargaming engagements that give remote-working leadership teams in different time zones the capability to test out ideas and scenarios without putting themselves at risk are here to stay. We celebrate their success, and look forward to seeing what happens next with this outstanding firm. Company: Proactive Worldwide Contact: Kelley Loiacono Website: Company: Proactive Worldwide Contact: Kelley Loiacono Website: ince 1995, Proactive Worldwide (PWW) has evolved from a two-person operation into one of the world’s leading research, and consulting firms that have engaged with clients in over 47 countries to date in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Proactive Worldwide specializes in providing actionable intelligence in four distinct areas—competitive intelligence, market intelligence, strategic intelligence, and customer intelligence—that enable its client partners to move their businesses forward with confidence. PWW’s team of doctorate-level analysts and researchers engage with organizations to turn unique challenges into opportunities, using best-practice forensic methodology and award-winning, AI-enabled innovations. In business for over 25 years, PWW offers a complete, and consequently more accurate, perspective that helps its client partners support key planning and investment decisions, mitigate risk, and confirm or disprove long-held business assumptions. Harvesting evidence-based data, developing actionable insights and enabling better strategic decisions, PWW’s deep bench of researchers, analysts and in-house industry specialists are central to the firm’s success. Within the competitive intelligence sphere, Proactive Worldwide engages the largest number of Ph.D./doctoral researchers working in the field today. PWW’s competitive, market, customer, and strategic intelligence experts have firsthand industry knowledge in the following: healthcare, pharma, biotech and medical devices; CGI and retail; manufacturing and industrial; financial services; transportation; and technology. These Analysts bring a vast store of knowledge and an insider’s view that adds tremendous value to each engagement, including CI function development, virtual wargaming, CI training, and scenario planning, which can be of immense benefit when it comes to helping clients improve competitive standing. PWW’s sterling reputation for engaging top research talents, with experience in the corporate world, make what Proactive Worldwide offers to its clients truly unique. PWW’s advanced, tools-driven secondary research and proprietary human source databases both complement and fuel this expertise, allowing the team to maintain a razor-sharp focus on investigative discovery and forensic analysis to get to the heart of its clients’ corporate and competitive health. Unlike most CI consultants, PWW’s advanced PWWDiscovery™ research methodology breaks through the constraints of traditional market research, expanding the concept of decision support services by linking evidence-based market and competitor intelligence and customer insights with strategy development and implementation. Overlaying this rich intelligence with PWW’s years of target industry and subject matter expertise, the firm’s clients gain a three-dimensional picture on which to create an achievable vision for the future. S When it comes to understanding vulnerabilities and predicting shifts in today’s markets, data forms a major part in the decision-making process for most enterprises. Applying that data accurately and effectively is not always easy, but the leading-edge team at Proactive Worldwide offers advanced solutions to help businesses on an international scale. Advancing the Four Pillars of Market Intelligence Nov20713