Issue 2 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 7 Setting Industry Standards However, there are inevitable challenges for a boutique investment firm such as Vector Capital. The sector is indeed moving fast, and will continue to do so, and keeping up those changes without limitless funds and resources can prove difficult when wanting to take advantage of every idea. The firm constantly displays discernment and diligence of the highest standard when deciding where to place funds and resources. Developing strategies is a long process with no small amount of risk given the lack of guarantee as to whether or not a strategy will produce consistently positive results. However, through robust diligence and sagacious discernment, the firm continues to apply resources to projects that show promise. 2020 represents another year of enormous potential for the team at Vector Capital. Having already received award-winning recognition for its innovation, the firm is committed to enhancing its portfolio even further through a variety of long-awaited, highly-intelligent strategies. The team continues to strongly believe that its strategies will bring strong alpha generation to all client and portfolio types. Vector Capital is also working on tax-efficient routes into its products, so that clients can further the strength of their investments for long-term growth. Moving even further into the new decade, the firm’s next phase of products will include asset classes away from financial markets, such as real estate and cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, the work of Vector Capital is not only some of the most innovative and ingenious in the industry, but it is also some of the agile and adaptable. Moving quickly in an industry that is rapidly evolving and developing is a necessity, and the firm’s willingness to employ machine learning and artificial intelligence has seen it remain at the forefront of the trading and investment industry. Company: Vector Capital Group AG Contact: Sezer Sherif Website: