Issue 2 2020

6 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 Dec19097 he next generation of technology is rapidly approaching, with widespread implementation and usage of technologies such as advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. More and more industries are recognising the benefits that these new technologies can offer. Vector Capital is at the forefront of the trading and investing industries, ushering in a new era of quantitative trading through the innovation and impact that both machine learning and artificial intelligence can have. Founded in 2017, Vector Capital is a new breed of high-impact and systematic quantitative investment fund. The firm aims to raise the standard in trading financial markets using high-growth algorithmic trading strategies that capitalise on new technologies alongside strong risk management and diversification. Setting the standard for any industry requires innovation, and a willingness to continue pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within it. The mission of Vector Capital is to become synonymous with setting the standard in performance and future trends in quantitative finance for every investor. Strong investment opportunities should be available for everyone, rather than be a close- guarded secret that is restricted to all bar the elite investors in society. Instead, the team at Vector Capital strives to create a diversified portfolio that is based on multi-asset strategy design, allowing access for all types of investors. Whether they be institutional, corporate, or individual investors, the firm’s suite of products and investment opportunities has something for every type. The entire range of products was designed with each type of investor in mind, but some may be more suited for certain individuals than others. Quantitative investing and trading requires acute mathematical knowledge and analysis, and a reliance on computations and number crunching that have been used to identify trading opportunities. Vector Capital provides the perfect partnership between both man and machine, expertly combining the two to design strategies of the highest quality. Capable of generating consistent alpha for all investors, much of the firm’s work revolves around using strong focus on risk management and sophisticated portfolio construction techniques across multiple asset classes and investment horizons. However, throughout every stage of the process, everything is done with complete client centricity. Through the firm’s own in-house investor-relations team, clients are treated like family members, to help ensure that Vector Capital remains a key part of any future considerations for financials well into the future. T A key skill for remaining at the forefront of industry innovations is the ability to move quickly, as a company. One of Vector Capital’s strongest assets is its boutique size. In a technology sector that is constantly evolving and advancing at lightning-quick speeds, the firm’s smaller size enables it to adapt far quicker, more effectively, and more efficiently that the competition. Dynamism is one thing, but the firm’s ability to utilise and implement the latest technologies means that it has remained as one of the industry’s most innovative since its formation almost three years ago. Despite the firm’s boutique size, the culture remains one of inspiration, innovation, and nurturing. All staff members are chosen for both their character and integrity, and their exceptional talent, knowledge, and ability to design investment strategies that continue to deliver excellent results. Rather than work for a top-tier bank or industry behemoth, the team continues to make Vector Capital work through an open-door policy, and free-flowing environment where creativity, ownership and influence is encouraged. Every single staff member provides a skill set that is different, and yet highly complementary, of everyone else working at Vector Capital. Coming together as one, staff are encouraged through an atmosphere of open communication and collaboration to help all of the business thrive. Despite the challenges of having each department use jargon that might alienate other departments, Vector Capital works to get everyone communicating in a way that is productive, efficient, and effective for all involved. With every member of staff working at the top of their game, blending talk of coding, financial market details, and business leadership together can result in expert strategies that clients can depend on. Not only does the firm employ staff members of the highest quality that have proven experience in the industry, but it has also established relationships with some of the finest, bright, young minds coming out of world-renowned Oxford University. Through a scholarship program that the firm offers to students, Vector Capital offers support to exceptional mathematical minds whilst bringing highly-talented individuals to the ever-growing team. On top of the firm’s commitment to delivering excellence within the trading and investment industries, it also places great emphasis on supporting those less fortunate. Blending character with competence, every staff member works tirelessly to ensure that clients have the best strategies possible, whilst also supporting charitable causes with a special focus on homelessness and mentoring underprivileged children. Setting Industry Standards An activity that was once exclusive to elite individuals has become an easily-accessible, readily available, and highly exciting venture for people across the world. Trading and investing has grown alongside technology to become an increasingly intuitive activity. Now, Vector Capital Group AG seeks to go even further than before, having been named in Acquisition International as the Most Innovative Quantitative Trading Company 2020 - UK. Discover how, and more about the firm itself, as we profile its innovative offerings.