Issue 2 2020

42 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 Diligence & Dedication for Premier Portuguese Lawyer Disputes are always better when settled outside of a courtroom. Both parties can avoid unnecessary legal fees and lengthy processes, whilst enabling a disinterested third party to make an impartial decision. Portuguese firm FDR is home to many exceptional lawyers, but one stands out above the rest. António Pinto Duarte has been recognised as Portugal’s Leading Business Arbitration Lawyer of the Year for his outstanding work. Find out more as we profile both the man, and the firm he so diligently serves. avigating any aspect of the extensive legal system can be difficult at the best of times, but it need not be with the right support to help. Determinedly serving the businesses, corporations, and individuals of Portugal, FDR is a law firm that has been delivering exemplary services across a wealth of areas for more than fifteen years. Formed in May 2004, FDR was the result of a merger between two of Portugal’s most professional legal teams, one of which was led by António Pinto Duarte. Having already garnered extensive experience in dealing with both public and private legal cases, António was the perfect choice to lead the firm into a new era of success. FDR has continued to deliver exemplary legal services across a wide myriad of specialties. These include, but are not limited to, litigation, banking, commercial law, insolvency law, medical law, public law, environmental law, property law, tax law, and arbitration, in which Mr Pinto Duarte specialises. Establishing trust from the outset of any professional relationship is key for both client and lawyer. Trust enables open and honest communication, to more readily advise on and solve any matter that arises. Through technical and legal rigour, Mr Pinto Duarte and the entire team at FDR deliver exceptional results that adhere to only the highest standards of professional quality and ethics. The team constantly strives to search for complete and efficient solutions for questions that are posed by clients, no matter how difficult or obscure. In the administration of justice, nothing less than excellence will do for Mr Pinto Duarte and his team of lawyers at FDR. Mr Pinto Duarte’s own ability to effectively manage any legal case that comes across his desk is incomparable, but within arbitration in particular, his role as both an arbitrator and attorney is second to none. Gathering his experience over almost five decades, Mr Pinto Duarte’s commitment to achieving the best possible result for his clients has remained firm throughout. Prior to becoming a lawyer in 1975 however, he firstly graduated with a law degree in 1972 from the University of Lisbon’s School of Law. Several years later, starting in October 1977, Mr Pinto Duarte also taught Real Estate Law and General Theory of Civil Law at the very same School of Law at the University of Lisbon as an assistant professor until November 1986. In the decades that have followed Mr Pinto Duarte’s graduation, he has continued his education by earning experience across a multitude of legal fields. From civil and commercial law, to labour law and litigation, to award-winning arbitration services, Mr Pinto Duarte’s excellence seemingly knows no bounds. In particular, his national and international work on arbitration cases has earned him success N after success. Since 1985, he has represented some of the biggest financial institutions, either as a lawyer or consultant, and 2004 saw him appointed as administrator of a banking institution alongside overseeing FDR. Ultimately, Mr Pinto Duarte is a shining example of exceptionality when it comes to lawyering and teaching the next generation of sharp, legal minds. Throughout his nearly-fifty-year career, his dedication to achieving the right result has not wavered and nor has his ability to deliver services that can only be described as the epitome of legal excellence. Company: FDR – Pinto Duarte, Casado Neves e Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, S.P., R.L. Contact: António Pinto Duarte Website: “Through technical and legal rigour, Mr Pinto Duarte and the entire team at FDR deliver exceptional results that adhere to only the highest standards of professional quality and ethics.” Jul19064