Issue 2 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 37 Finding trusted experts in a particular field of expertise is no mean feat and finding a specialist in the area of Capital Markets is no exception. For the people of Greece, there can be no finer option than the winner of AI’s Leading Capital Markets Lawyer of the Year 2019. John Kyriakopoulos of the Kyros Law Office has proven time and time again the value of an adept legal mind, keen wit and sharp eye for changing circumstances. Join us as we take a closer look at the work of this accomplished lawyer. Capital Market Maestro or the past seven years, John Kyriakopoulos has served as the President of the Kyros Law Office, (corporate name Kyriakopoulos, Skiadioti and Associates) but this is merely the natural endpoint of twenty-six years at the heart of the firm as director and partner. In this time, Kyriakopoulos has lifted the company to considerable new heights, guiding its staff through the troubled times of Greece’s recession and eventual bailout, while also taking various roles in other organisations along the way. Managing portfolios of over one billion Euros, Kyriakopoulos is a trusted figure with a reputation for getting excellent results. Kyriakopoulos began his legal career as an apprentice lawyer at Richards Butler, while studying for his bachelor’s degree at the University of Athens. Spending a little over a year and a half working at Richards Butler during his degree, it confirmed Kyriakopoulos’ desire to practice law on a higher level. The mix of academic and practical study taught the young man how best to apply his craft. During this time, he specialised in shipping law, working on charter party agreements and disputes as well as maritime arbitration amongst other things. Once his degree was complete, Kyriakopoulos moved to working at the Kyros Law Office as a partner. While not utilising the specific work of maritime law as practiced in his previous position, the universal skills involved in reconciliation and negotiation set Kyriakopoulos in good stead for in the areas of international arbitration. The Kyros Law office is able to offer clients a truly inclusive service, with experts able to offer advice and support in International Arbitration Law, Financial and Banking law, Capital Markets, Commercial, Corporate, Tax and Administrative Law, as well as Real Estate Law, especially related to the Golden Visa Program. Kyriakopoulos’ work in the area of Capital Markets is an important part of this work, strongly assisted by M. Skiadioti’s remarkable work as Head of the Litigation Department The clientele with which the Kyros Law Office interacts exceeds 12,000, with a wide spectrum of legal and physical entities, mixing together both Greek and foreign. It is a credit to the breadth and to the specialism of each team member that the company can offer a wide range of support to clients. What sets Kyriakopoulos and his team apart is their ability to find innovative solutions to difficult problems not just working within the investor protection and Capital Markets space, but also adapting around industry developments to provide cutting edge support. As a partner, Kyriakopoulos coordinated litigation against financial institutions for the protection of clients in various fields and positions. These included bondholders, depositors and stockholders across all possible jurisdictions such as Greece, Cyprus, the EU and the USA. F The excellent work for which Kyriakopoulos has been responsible is due in no small part to the strategic alignment of the company with some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the USA as well as in Europe. An example of this can be found in the way that Kyriakopoulos partnered with the Carlton Group, serving as a liaison between foreign sovereign investors and local investment opportunities. This partnership between the America-based organisation and lawyer proved fruitful for both parties. Kyriakopoulos has performed sterling work at the Kyros Law Office, gaining a master’s degree in Banking Science to ensure not only his own continued professional development, but the provision of the highest quality service to clients. This has been recognised not only by potential clients, but by other organisations too. It was his specific skillset that led to his being made managing director of the Hellenic Pension Mutual Fund Management Company (HPMF). For four years, between 2009 and 2013, he was responsible for the successful management of funds during the crucial and unique time of Greek Debt Restructuring. Having gained unique experience in this topical issue, Kyriakopoulos was invited to play a major role in the consultations in this area. A high-point of his time there was the almost doubling of assets within six months, thanks to a daring investment in Greek sovereign bonds. As a decision taken at the height of fears that Greece would leave the euro-zone, it was a high- risk, high-reward approach that best demonstrates Kyriakopoulos’ approach of innovation and ingenuity. Kyriakopoulos has been a frequent lecturer and speaker on financial and legal issues at many Greek universities and bank associations for over ten years now, focusing primarily on his specialty, the ‘Capital Market Law’. This willingness to share his knowledge with others is typical of Kyriakopoulos’ generous nature, with professional writing credits in the areas of English-Greek Legal Terminology, Labor law and Capital Markets Notes for those wanting to know more about these specialist areas. The Kyros Law Office is always in high demand, and this is in no small part to the efforts of John Kyriakopoulos and his talented team. Not just offering excellent service, but exceptional expertise in almost every area of malpractice, corruption and arbitration, Kyriakopoulos sets the style for the rest of the firm. His ability to draw on a wide range of skills and specialist knowledge allows the Kyros Law Office to stay ahead of the curve, making sure that clients receive the best service imaginable. Company: Kyros Law Office Contact: John Kyriakopoulos Web Address: Oct19575