Issue 2 2020

36 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 Technology continues to advance at such a rapid rate that new and exciting treatments and technologies in medicine are being developed all the time. One such development is that of femtosecond laser technology, designed for a myriad of medicinal and surgical purposes. JenLab GmbH has been named in Acquisition International magazine as 2020’s Most Innovative Femtosecond Laser Technology Provider. To learn more about this technology’s versatility and applicability, we profile the firm offering it. Ingenious Medical Innovations enLab provides medical femtosecond laser technology for high-resolution tissue imaging. Through the firm’s CE-certified multiphoton tomographs, it can provide physicians with the ability to perform label-free and non-invasive optical skin biopsies and in vivo histology within seconds. The femtosecond laser tomographs themselves can be used to detect skin cancer and skin inflammation, along with a plethora of other tasks. The skin imaging and in vivo histology that JenLab’s femtosecond laser technology offers can be used in many ways. Early cancer diagnoses can go a long way in helping patients prepare for a potentially difficult road ahead, whilst non-invasive optical diagnoses can also help put patients minds to rest when considering eye surgery or healthcare. Effectively producing accurate and correct tomograms can also prove vitally useful in guiding surgeons in their potentially life-saving work. Multiphoton tomographs have also been used to successfully track stem cells, neurons, and cancer cells across some small animals. As well as the applicability for usage within skin imaging and early diagnoses for diseases such as cancer, femtosecond laser technology can be used in radical, new, and exciting ways for ophthalmologists around the world. JenLab’s offerings display their true versatility in being able to be used for a wealth of eye disorders, especially corneal surgery, cataract surgery, and all manner of refractive procedures. The speed of the femtosecond laser bursts can minimise damage to surrounding tissue, and make laser eye surgery that much more safe for those considering it. Since the firm’s foundation, it has grown to become a world leader in medical femtosecond laser technology. Primarily serving the medicine, biotechnology and cell biology markets of healthcare, JenLab’s products are constantly being innovated for usage in many different sectors of healthcare. Hospitals and companies all over the world have benefitted from this range of innovative products, with clients in Australia, China, Japan, Russia, Europe and the United States making full use of JenLab’ s innovations. The team at the firm is made up of highly-trained and experienced scientists, determined to make a difference in the world of biotechnology and cell biology. Coupled with expert engineers and doctors, the JenLab’s level of understanding what a piece of femtosecond laser technology must achieve is second-to-none, and able to deliver on truly innovative and developmental new technology. It is this understanding which has helped engineer the firm into its current position as a world leader for femtosecond laser technology development. J Ultimately, the work of JenLab is advancing medicinal and scientific technology beyond confines that could not have even been imagined mere decades ago. Humanity has continued to expand, innovate, and develop new technologies to be used in fields of biotechnology and biology. JenLab is at the forefront of that innovation. By leading the way in femtosecond laser technology, and doing so in such a remarkable way, the firm has markedly identified itself as world leader to watch going into 2020 and well beyond. Company: JenLab GmbH Contact: Dr Karsten Koenig Website: Nov19089 “The speed of the femtosecond laser bursts can minimise damage to surrounding tissue, and make laser eye surgery that much more safe for those considering it.”