Issue 2 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 35 Nov19513 Company: QA Mentor, Inc. Contact: Ruslan Desyatnikov Website: elebrating its tenth anniversary of delivering outstanding service, QA Mentor is a multi-award winning software testing company that has been headquartered in New York since its foundation in 2010. CMMI Level 3 appraised and certified with ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20000 the firm is more than well-equipped to handle the quality assurance needs of companies, sectors, and industries all over the world. Quality assurance is one of the most important aspects for a company in the modern world, ensuring that mistakes and defects are prevented when delivering a service or product to a paying customer. With more than twenty five different quality assurance services in and around the software arena, QAMentor is the perfect one-stop-shop for all quality assurance needs. Ensuring that it remains a global leader in software quality assurance and testing, QA Mentor boasts more than 290 global resources across eight countries offering more than thirty testing services in every time zone. Capitalising on that wealth of services is the clientele of more than 380 companies, ranging from those in the Fortune 500 to those just starting up. Continuing its expansion across the world, the firm’s commitment to excellence has not wavered over ten years, and remains more focused than ever on becoming the best software testing company in the world. QA Mentor does it all, with many of its quality-assured services being unique. No matter the need, the firm is on hand to help with any aspect of testing or quality assurance that a client company may have. Whether requiring a long-term subscription for continuous assistance, an on-demand service to address a need rapidly, or an in-depth training seminar provided by an industry veteran, QA Mentor offers skills and information not found in any guidebook. In order to prove the quality of products or software services, rigorous testing is required in order to ensure it can function properly in today’s world. From test design, to performance stress testing, to crowd testing, there is a wealth of software testing services that are expertly designed to test whether or not a product is ready for launch. Stress testing is important to gauge capacity, performance, and optimization; an area in which the firm specializes with its software offerings. QA Mentor also has access to more than twelve thousand QA testers in over 180 countries as part of crowdsourcing testing services. Every member is a testing professional, ensuring clients receive actionable feedback that can help improve a product for its eventual release. Helping with quality assurance is one thing, but truly understanding the industry that an application will be used in is equally important, if not more so. By knowing key parameters for the industry and the users of an application inside out, the design, development, and testing can be tailored to ascertain exact information. For example, C For many companies in today’s world, the desire to become proficient in many skills means that others often suffer. Rather than deliver utmost quality in one specific field, firms offer a wealth of services that often detract from its original focus. Not for QA Mentor however, as the firm was named in the 2020 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Outstanding Software Quality Assurance Service Provider, USA – 2020. We take a closer look at the firm’s services to discover more about its award-winning services. Experts in Quality products in hospitals are not going to require the same features that a brand new social media application will. Almost every aspect is different in each industry, from the end users and their expectations, to the necessary features and usage reasons. QA Mentor employs a team of experts operating across a wealth of industries, constantly staying appraised of all emerging trends and technologies. To name but a few, the firm houses specialists that bring in-depth knowledge around industries such as e-commerce, e-learning, finance, gaming, healthcare, media, entertainment, mobile, wireless, social media, travel, and tourism. The extent of the firm’s knowledge for quality assurance in all of these industries and many more is unparalleled. The firm’s true success lies in its laser-sharp focus on doing what it is good at; quality assurance. Never deviating from its goal of establishing cost-effective, quality frameworks to facilitate success for every client, the firm’s team of staff operate across a wealth of industries in their continued delivery of quality assurance services that go above and beyond. Company: QA Mentor, Inc. Contact: Ruslan Desyatnikov Website: