Issue 2 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 33 Sep19268 When you look for a lawyer, you look for a firm that you can trust for its commitment, integrity, and above all, results. Linklaters is dedicated to providing all three to the highest standards, drawing on a large multinational team. This includes Iris Leung, winner of AI’s Most Influential Woman in Capital Markets Law 2019 in Hong Kong. Join us as we take a closer look at her and the firm she works for. inklaters is an international law firm, running 30 offices in 20 countries, with 5370 staff dedicated to finding the most appropriate way of serving clients. Dating all the way back to 1838, this historic firm went international in 1962, with its Milan office and has continued to grow ever since. The clear ability of Linklaters to handle any service required is shown by its ability to offer services in virtually every aspect from banking and business crime to tax and trade law, in industry sectors ranging from infrastructure to insurance. This versatility is a credit to the way in which the firm has expanded over the years, playing a major part representing an immense variety of organisations. Linklaters place clients at the heart of the process, ensuring to invest in them in the long-term. Not content to settle for immediate problems, Linklaters looks to the future, proactively identifying future trends on behalf of clients and listening to the current and future needs of clients in order to best match those requirements. Through constant investment in its systems, technology and working practices, Linklaters positions itself to deliver the right results, every time. Providing direction for this large firm are a group of more than 490 partners with a strong sense of common values and purpose to keep the company not only heading in the right direction, but the same direction the world over. As a company, there is a sense of creating a new path through unexplored territory, with this innovative approach being one that is important to clients. An environment of new initiatives is created through allowing room for honest mistakes and room to learn from this experience. With offices spread over the globe, and a truly integrated team of over 200 lawyers working across China’s three major business centres – Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai – it’s no surprise that Linklaters is often called upon to handle matters on an international scale. Drawing on a gifted team, experienced in laws from various countries, Linklaters are in the perfect position to provide diligent work that gets the best result for all parties. One of the team involved in this process is Iris Leung. Based in Hong Kong, Leung’s main role is advising corporations and financial institutions on corporate and capital markets deals. Qualified in both Hong Kong and US law, her unique skillset allows her to help all sides complete strategically significant deals. During her time at Linklaters, Leung has led, or been a key advisor, on multiple landmark deals. An essential part of the company, she has advised Cheung Kong (Holdings) and Hutchison Whampoa on their US$100bn merger and reorganisation and Cheung Kong Property Holding’s spin-off listing, which turned out to be the largest corporate restructuring in Asia in 2015, Morgan Stanley as the sponsor of the secondary listing L Company: Linklaters Contact: Iris Leung Trust and Commitment of Hong Kong depositary receipts of Fast Retailing Co., the operator of the Uniqlo clothing chain and Alibaba on its US$5.9bn capital raising to purchase its shares back from Yahoo. Her formidable talent is a reflection on what Linklaters has to offer potential clients, demonstrating the trusted ability of its talented team. It can be a challenge to find a law firm that can handle such a broad spectrum of demands, drawing together so many aspects of the law from so many different countries. Linklaters is essential to the smooth working of companies across the globe, using its considerable expertise and knowledge to not only find the right solution, but create a new one if need be. “...there is a sense of creating a new path through unexplored territory, with this innovative approach being one that is important to clients.”