Issue 2 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2019 55 Technology Key Focus As Industries Face Change “They’re more complex, they have less real-time monitoring and they have different challenges in different locations due to the clustering of DER. “As DNOs transform into DSOs – offering a wide variety of services on top of looking after wires and substations – they need the right tools at their disposal to manage their grids, and technology such as DERMS is an essential part of that mix.” Dr Currie, a global expert in DERMS technology who is based in the company’s New York office, added: “It’s interesting to draw comparisons between Great Britain and other markets that are developing smart grids, such as Germany and the United States. “Germany has been actively managing its grid since 2009, with renewable generators receiving curtailment compensation up to 3% a year, increasing significantly the amount of renewable generators that can connect to the existing distribution system and reducing the overall cost to customers. “In the US, 2019 will mark a watershed year, with storage capacity exceeding 1GWh, while forward-thinking states like New York are establishing distribution system platforms and requiring utilities to lay out five-year implementation plans. “It is clear that there is learning to be shared across the most advanced DERMS markets when it comes to the development of flexible connection, operations and market strategies.” These developments herald the beginning of the digital age, and prove that companies must either enhance their offering with new technology or fall behind. If you’re interested in more expert comment on the impact of technology on the corporate landscape then subscribe HERE to get the latest updates direct to your inbox.