Issue 2 2019

50 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2019 s one of the most prominent M&A advisors in the Sacramento and Central Valleys of California, DCA Partners works with middle-market companies who are looking to make strategic acquisitions, as well as business owners who are wishing to exit their business. The firm also provides expansion and buyout capital to growth-oriented companies through an affiliated private equity fund. While DCA works across a broad spectrum of industries, they have extensive experience serving companies in the fueling, food & beverage, construction services, and light manufacturing industries. As we researched the Company to determine how the firm delivers consistently exceptional results for its clients, Managing Partner, Curt Rocca, enlightened us as follows: “Honestly, one of DCA’s most unique attributes is our deep and personal caring about our clients as people, and not just transactions. While we certainly use world-class tools and have Wall Street quality advisors, it is really the depth of our caring, the strength of our commitment to our clients, and our team’s relentless work ethic that really makes DCA uniquely successful.” DCA primarily serves family-owned and closely held business owners who are looking to increase their wealth and prosperity; working with these companies in three distinct, but related, ways: 1. They help grow their clients’ companies through acquisitions. 2. They provide a combination of investment capital and operational expertise to help finance the growth of their clients’ business, allowing companies to access expansion capital, acquisition financing, founder liquidity, or a partner buyout. 3. They help clients sell their business for a premium, strategic value when they decide it is time to sell or they are approached by an unsolicited buyer. “At DCA, we recognize that selling their business is the most important transaction of a business owner’s life—DCA takes that responsibility very seriously and has a demonstrated ability to deliver premium valuations that appropriately reward,” continued Rocca. Most impressively, DCA has a 100 percent referenceable client base across all of these disciplines—validation of the firm’s commitment and ability to consistently deliver exceptional results for its clients. According to Ken Mueller, CFO for DCA Client, Raley’s (a large regional supermarket chain), “Our deal was complex. From positioning the business, to finding the right buyer targets, to negotiating the deal, DCA worked through the details and got it right. It was a pleasure working with them.” DCA Partners (www. is a leading provider of Merger and Acquisition advisory services to closely held and family-owned companies throughout the Western United States—with a strong concentration in California’s storied gold country. We caught up with Managing Partner, Curt Rocca, who provided us with a detailed insight into the award-winning services the firm delivers to their clients. Middle-Market Excellence in California Gold Country A A similar sentiment was echoed by fellow client Joe DeBiasio with Hogan Mfg. who raved, “If you’re serious about buying or selling a business and you want results, then you need to hire DCA Partners…they are strategic partners that can help you grow your business through a well thought-out acquisition strategy or they can help you find the right buyer to ensure a successful succession of your business. Either way, you can’t lose. They are as good as it gets in the M&A arena.” As a result of the firm’s consistent track record of success and impressive reputation, the firm has advised many of its region’s most impressive companies, including Raley’s, Flyers Energy, OC Communications, Indoor Environmental Services, Clark Pacific, and dozens of others. “Delivering exceptional results is all about having a team full of exceptionally talented and committed people. Investing in top- notch people and setting a high standard for company culture and unwavering integrity are our top priorities for DCA,” stated Steven Mills, another DCA Partner. “In addition, each DCA team member shares the firm’s strong commitment to give back to its community by actively contributing on Boards of local business groups and non-profit organizations. As a part of this commitment, we are very proud to have helped raise millions of dollars for local charities,” Mills added. Collectively, the team has $3 billion of transaction experience, including over $350 million in transactions completed in the last 2 years. “All of the partners have been business owners and operators in the past, so we understand what our clients are struggling with and looking to accomplish,” added Rocca. “We believe this experience and perspective allows us to provide better advice and deliver better results.” For the reasons noted above, DCA has been recognized as the Most Outstanding Mid-Market Strategic Advisory Firm 2019 – California by Acquisition Intl.’s Global Excellence Award - 2019. This is DCA’s first year being recognized by AI. When asked about the future, Rocca commented, “We believe 2019 can be an exceptional year to be both a buyer and a seller—depending on your company profile and appropriate market positioning. There are significant market dynamics and tax law changes that make it more important than ever for companies engaging in M&A activity to surround themselves with top-tier advisors. For this reason, we expect 2019 to be another great year for DCA and, more importantly, for our clients,” concluded Rocca. Jan19100