Issue 2 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2019 29 1809AI54 HCR is a global employee relocation and corporate accommodation provider which is focused on helping their clients to achieve successful assignments. Recently, we caught up with Managing Director, Adrian Leach who provided us with a detailed insight into the services the firm delivers to their clients. stablished in 1982, HCR Ltd are one of the UK’s most successful independent companies in theUKprovidingauniquecombination of global mobility services, corporate accommodation solutions and UK destination services. With an enviable reputation for providing clients with breakthrough accommodation solutions across 149 countries and delivering on their service proposition, the team at HCR Ltd are able to provide their customers with a service that can not be matched by competitors. Going into further detail, Adrian begins by providing us with an overview of the areas the team specialises in and how they accommodate to all of their clients. “Here at HCR Ltd, our extensive relocation experience provides specialist relocation services for short and long-term assignments, temporary and permanent moves, group moves and company relocations, to name just a few. “What that means is that we provide the most comprehensive range of services for clients and their mobile employees, such as helping them find the right type of accommodation, assisting families with school searches, shipping household goods and tracking the myriad of expenses incurred in any relocation. For those crossing international borders, we are there for them in case they need immigration advice.” Speaking of clients, HCR Ltd work closely with market leaders in Professional Services, Oil & Gas, Retail, Automotive, Law Firms and Governments, as such they have exposure to a wide variety of sectors, as Adrian explains. “HCR works with current and new clients to fit our service platform to their individual requirements which are often very diverse. Our extensive implementation programme makes certain that our offering is absolutely fit for purpose. “One of HCR’s strongest differentiators is the fact we are a private, owner managed company enabling us to be agile and adaptable. Changes such as innovative new services, improved processes, advances in technology, and restructuring of internal teams - can be approved and implemented swiftly. We have a strong desire to keep learning, keep developing, to understand our marketplace and the specific needs of our clients.” Working behind the scenes to ensure that deadlines are met, and goals are achieved is the dedicated, passionate team of talented individuals who form the backbone of HCR Ltd. When discussing the internal culture, Adrian is delighted to highlight how the significant role the team play in the overall success of the award-winning firm. Contact: Adrian Leach Company: HCR Ltd Address: Network House, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 4HG, United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)1256 313751 Website: Simple, Effective and Catered to Your Needs “Without question, HCR’s continued successes are largely due to one unmatched strength; the tenacity, expertise, and dedication of our people. Our staff are passionate about providing the very best service. Every relocation we manage is treated by us as personal and individual because our teams have a genuine passion for meeting our customer’s needs and requirements. Our client dedicated delivery teams are cross-trained so that we have a fully trained resource to cover seasonal fluctuations/sickness. “HCR continually attracts and retains talented, experienced consultants to work for us because they believe in our values and share our passion for delivering innovative and outstanding service. We strive to attract the best people and help them to develop their talents and skills to their full potential in support of this and HCR’s values.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Adrian signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, especially following their recent success in Acquisition Intl.’s Global Excellence Awards 2019 where they were awarded the accolade Most Innovative Relocation Services Provider 2019 – UK. “Moving forwards, we have ambitious plans for 2019 and beyond with particular emphasis on expanding our on-line portfolio. HCR has heavily invested in technology and in 2018 started the implementation of the world’s number one Relocation Case Management system called Assignment Pro developed by Equus Software. We have ensured that the software has been specifically enhanced with a Property Management module of our own design based upon our years of experience in managing leased and temporary accommodation. We will be rolling out Assignment Pro to all our clients in 2019.” E