Issue 2 2019

10 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2019 KM & Associates is a recognized firm of Meeting Planners, dedicated entirely to the design and production of personalized corporate events and conventions; it has revolutionized the industry in Mexico. Recently, they are celebrating their anniversary and with 15 years of success in the market and have been awarded the Best International Event Planners - Latin-American Award in 2018 and now, in 2019, for a second year in a row. We had the opportunity to speak with Karla Martínez, its CEO and Founder, who will give us more details of the history of KM & Associates, their international appreciation and vision. arla Martínez tells us how KM & Associates was founded: “Everything started as a big idea that became a project; I wanted to be involved in a profession where I could use creativity and strategic planning to develop unique events. I took the challenge of starting a company with strong and solid foundations and here is where the journey began. We wanted to offer something different than what it was delivered at that time, personalized events that had a real meaning and could unite people, brands and create unforgettable experiences. “The idea was, and has always been, that by creating special experiences we could create memories that make people relate to each other and brands. To achieve this, we produce thematic Connecting Lives K GM180013 corporate events, conventions, anniversaries and many other types of events that make attendees part of a whole context made specially for them by a brand.” This is how Karla Martínez conceptualizes each of the events that she carries out with her team of collaborators and associates, as she explains. “For us in KM, each event is unique, unrepeatable, and memorable and the intention is to connect brands and people. Not only in terms of marketing, but emotionally and experientially. We have a commitment to our clients who become not only allies but part of our family and friends, by working together; we help them reach their goals and objectives.” Karla Martínez wants to share the key of how she has reached this point in her career as an entrepreneur: “It´s essential to understand your market and that each brand is different and has different needs. We keep a close contact and an open communication with our clients to create a special concept and design for each of their events. “An event is a project that has to be seen and made to be an investment, not an expense to the company; this is why you really need to be on board with the company´s goals and expectations in each project. In addition, meetings prior to the financial agreements are very important; events are about details, moments, spaces, concepts, experiences, services, and so much more.