AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

96 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 ARKITEKTURMINISTERIET / AMPD (AMPD) is a multidisciplinary studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, comprised of a creative team who are skilled within Architecture, Design, Art, Interiors, Set Design, Festivals and Constructions. We invited CEO and Founder, Bo Benzon to tell us more about how the firm is redefining design. anging from furniture to containers, as long as the idea or challenge is right, then AMPD is willing to approach every project with unique ideas. The firm is pioneering temporary architecture and design, meaning clients will experience a better world. Encompassing a variety of areas, Bo explains how the adaptability of the team leads to it being able to realise almost every customer’s dreams. Paying great attention to detail, the company delivers on its promises, customising its products and solutions to fit client requirements. “Here at AMPD, we are a one-stop solution for clients, and bring almost all features of a process from idea to realisation. We are thinkers and doers, delivering everything and anything from scratch to give you well- articulated customisations. The team strive to create beautifully, functionally and in a different way than the ordinary. We turn everything upside down and do as much as possible in an environmentally friendly way, and are constantly exploring new materials and connections. “Typically, our clients vary from private to commercial alongside governments, and amongst our client base, AMPD counts some of the biggest companies in Denmark and around the world. We believe true innovation is created with an abstract mind, through holistic synergies for a hedonistic goal.” Regarding the firm’s overall mission, AMPD wants to make the world a better place by providing unique products, and revolutionising creative thinking. Operating in a unique manner to other firms is part of the nature, and it is this aspect of its design, alongside its overall targets which help distinguish the company as a leading competitor within the industry. “Essentially, our main goal is to make the world a better place to be in. We try and do that by challenging our thinking to be outside the box, abstract and turn everything upside down to make it worthwhile. In that conceptual thinking, you keep exploring your horizon and try to reach for originality in every project or idea. “Crucial to separating ourselves as the company to work with, is our unique approach to the tasks. From the idea to final product, to where we have removed Company: ARKITEKTURMINISTERIET / AMPD Contact: Bo Benzon Address: Otto Busses Vej 5A, Building 020, Copenhagen, 2450, Denmark Phone: 0045 2244 0273 Website: Redefining the Spacewe Live in R 1801AI75 the middlemen – our network is quite big and we are good at connecting the dots.” Providing us with an overview of the industry, Bo talks us through what challenges both the industry and the company are currently facing, before explaining what techniques the studio employs to stay ahead of emerging developments. “Firstly, we are facing a lot of challenging competition from very talented companies and influencers within architecture, design, art, culture and social society. Secondly, Copenhagen is undergoing a wide spread of new buildings and urban development. Some of the biggest expansions of cities in Europe has made the industry a busy and interesting power source in society. “Examining all features of a product and solution, we turn everything upside down and make the idea worthwhile and liveable in all aspects. We draw everything in Rhino 3D on our digital platform that also controls the production line through the CNC-router. Also, we make built-in light and sound features to a huge number of our projects. Moreover, we constantly explore new materials from which some are very state of the art like.” Another aspect of AMPD’s success, is the staff’s ability to all pull in the same direction and work together. Bo comments on the thriving working environment within the firm, mentioning how all staff are best equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. “Together, we work as a family. As a result, everyone inspires each other and pays the same attention and detail to each and every project. Talking to the client and understanding the issue at hand thoroughly is important. Each client or issue is different but they also have similarities, and as such, pointing out those specific elements is very important.” Ultimately, with the design and architecture industries constantly evolving, there are plenty of opportunities for AMPD to explore in the future, and there are exciting times ahead for the company, as the team undertake more projects which aim to develop a new way of living and understanding the space around it.