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78 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 Urology Chambers Limited is an expert Urology consultancy firm based in London. We profiled the firm and Ronald Miller, the practice’s Principal Medical Expert, to learn more about how they came to be awarded Most Highly Regarded Expert Witness 2018 - Urological Surgery in our 2018 Global Excellence Awards. rology Chambers is committed to providing patients with the best possible care, whether they are looking for someone to talk them through the treatment options or seeking an expert to carry out a procedure. Mr Ronald Miller, Urology Chambers’ Principal Medical Expert, is an internationally recognised consultant urologist and well-respected expert witness validated by the British Association of Urological Surgeons, the Academy Experts, and the Expert Witness Register. He is fully trained in medico-legal practice, and frequently gives lectures to colleagues and lawyers on urological issues. He has a significant urological private practice having previously been Head of Department at The Whittington Hospital, Honorary Consultant Urologist at University College Hospital and the Royal Free Hospitals in London, as well as Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Urology. His legal work covers stone disease, gynaecological urinary tract injuries, urological tumours, cauda equina cases, and pelvic fractures. He routinely is asked to opine on vasectomies, scrotal surgery, torsion and circumcision cases. His opinions are based on 30 years of experience in urological academic practice and wide-ranging publications, as well as a period as chairman of the North London Cancer Network (urology) when he was responsible for urological cancer outcomes in the region. Lastly, his work has been recognised by a Hunterian Professorship, numerous visiting professorships in the USA and Europe as well as national and international prizes. Mr Miller is extensively published and has given over 700 major international and national presentations. He is the author of many important papers (146), 2 text books and 24 chapters. He currently completes Company: Urology Chambers Limited Contact: Mr Ronald Miller Address: Urology Chambers Ltd, 39 Shepherds Hill, Highgate, London, N6 5QJ, UK Telephone: 0208 341 1799 Web address: Unique inUrology U 1802AI68 over 100 negligence cases per year {10% single joint expert, 20% defendant, 70% claimant). He is routinely instructed by most of the major medico- legal litigators in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Feedback on his reports has been outstanding and resulted in many successful court litigations and settlements. Ultimately, Urology Chambers provides the extensive network and support a successful expert relies upon. Urology Chambers and especially Mr Miller are proud to receive such a prestigious award in recognition of the excellence of the service which they provide. “Urology Chambers and especially Mr Miller are proud to receive such a prestigious award in recognition of the excellence of the service which they provide.”