AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

76 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 Deokyoung (Jay) Ko is currently working with Law Group Minju as a Senior Foreign Legal Consultant. We spoke to Jay as he talks us through his career and what has led to him becoming AI’s Best Corporate & Cross-Border Transactions Lawyer 2018 in South Korea. ocated in Seoul, South Korea, Law Group Minju is a medium-sized law firm which employs over 40 attorneys in a variety of legal areas. Specifically, Minju boasts an excellent reputation in the areas of banking, finance, corporate, and M&A. Prior to joining Minju, Jay was an Executive Vice President of a biotech company in South Korea which has a wholly-owned subsidiary in the U.S., and additionally was in charge of legal and global business matters of the company. Jay tells us what his ambitions were when he started, and outlines the steps he has taken in terms of his career progression. “Minju is my third law firm throughout almost fifteen years of my legal career. I earned my professional degrees from the U.S institutions: M.B.A. from Boston University and J.D. from Indiana University. Right after the graduation of the law school, I beganmy legal career as Associate Attorney at a boutique law firm specialising in securities arbitration and litigation operating offices in Indianapolis, Chicago, and New York. Thereafter, I returned to South Korea and joined a law firm located in Seoul, where I was involved in the different types of cross-border deals and transactions for approximately 10 years.” Having resumed practicing in the legal industry, Jay registered with the South Korean Bar Association (KBA) as a Foreign Legal Consultant (FLC). At present, most FLCs are working with South Korean offices of large international law firms, in either the U.S. or the U.K. Jay explains how he is different to the majority of FLCs who are now working abroad, alluding to the fact that he can help local companies who urgently require his assistance. “Contrary to those FLCs, I marched in the opposite direction, and I decided to join a mid-sized South Korean law firm because I am confident I will have more opportunities. Helping organisations and companies who are in sincere need of expert assistance and guidance in cross-border transactions will help me to feel a greater sense of accomplishment”. “Minju, as a company, authorises me to exert a high degree of discretion in my legal practice in terms of, among other things, pricing, developing new clients, and various types of engagement with the clients. Minju’s goal is to provide large law firm services at a reasonable Company: Deokyoung Ko, Law Group Minju Contact: Deokyoung Ko Address: 3F, 215 Seocho Jungang-ro, Secho-gu, Seoul, 06593, South Korea, Republic Of Phone: 0082 2 591 8400 Deokyoung (Jay) Ko – “Experienced, Driven, Effective” L 1802AI68 price, alongside increasing the volume of its advisory services for cross-border transactions as well as the number of offshore clients.” Essentially, it is the overall mission and objectives which Minju aspires to achieve that attracted Jay to work with the company. He is excited at the prospect of expanding the firm’s business, and has built up an extensive network of clients and lawyers which has contributed to his success. “Sharing the same goals, I am very pleased to have a chance to play a key role in expanding our firm’s business. After joining Minju, I became a member of an international lawyers’ network on behalf of the company. By the same token, I introduced a reputable global debt collection agency to Minju to seek a possibility of debt collection services representing overseas clients.” Having grown up in South Korea, Jay sees this as an integral aspect of his success, as he lives and breeds the culture of South Korea, meaning he has an excellent understanding of the inner-workings of legal regulations in the country. “Personally, I was born, raised and educated in South Korea, meaning I undoubtedly have a better understanding of the South Korean language and business culture than some others in South Korea. Additionally, I possess educational and professional background in the United States, adding tomy portfolio.” “Overall, I am a well-qualified attorney who is capable of giving effective advice to small and medium sized enterprises (SME) which have not yet been globalised so far in comparison with big multinational companies. Those SMEs are normally not the clients of either global law firms or top 10 South Korean law firms, and I would like to act as a nexus in this regard, connecting them with their counterparts abroad which desire to begin business with them.” “Ultimately, I am gladly willing to take whatever responsibilities are at the forefront and play a dual role as a both gatekeeper and facilitator for the SMEs, at least in their cross-border deals. I know there is still an unmet desire for customised services in both the domestic and foreign arena, for cross-border businesses that have been poorly available, or even overlooked so far in competitive legal market.”