AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 75 Ilirika Fund Management AD Skopje (Ilirika) organised the first open ended investment fund in Macedonia. We spoke to Kosta Kostadinovski who told us more about the trusted and well-renowned management firm. stablished in 2007, Ilirika is an independent financial institution, and its founder company, ILIRIKA Slovenia is one of the leading financial institutions in the area of corporate acquisitions in both Slovenia and Southeast Europe. In more than 20 years, the company has established contacts with the most renowned global and regional companies, providing advice during the successful implementation of many M&A projects. Also, it supplements a comprehensive range of investment services in Slovenia, with business and investment opportunities in foreign markets. It is present in the Croatian and Serbian markets through local offices with a primary focus on two types of clients, hi-wealth individuals and corporations. Within the finance industry, Ilirika adopts many approaches, and Kosta outlines the firm’s approach to managing risk and ensuring the best possible returns for investors. “Specifically, there are three funds in our offer, two equity funds and one money market fund. ILIRIKA Southeast Europe is aimed at achieving above-average returns by investing in shares of companies with high potential for growth in the countries of Southeast Europe, all of which include the markets of the countries of the former Yugoslavia and the wider Southeast region. ILIRIKA Global-Growing Markets is set to achieve high growth by investing in large multinational companies that have high potential for development. ILIRIKA Cash fund is money market fund intended for conservative investors who need liquidity and want to make an attractive return. Fund assets are invested in low-risk financial instruments such as deposits, bonds, bills and other money market instruments. “Devoting quite a lot of effort on researching the potential targets, using our group’s know-how, coupled with the regulations provided by the applicable laws and procedures which are compatible with EU directives, appropriate frame for risk exposure is implemented and adequate returns for the investors are delivered.” Crucial to the success of the company is its transparency and ability to build trusting and long-term relationships with clients. Kosta describes what attributes he believes a company should hold in order to be a success within the industry, before explaining what techniques the team employ in order stay ahead of any advances which may arise. “Essentially, the key to our success is transparency and building strong relationships with clients. Bearing in mind that we are entering into long-term financial deals, Ilirika’s goal is to remain clients’ lifetime financial advisor. Company: ILIRIKA Fund Management Contact: Kosta Kostadinovski Address: Blvd. Kliment Ohridski 45, Floor 1, local 8, Skopje, 1000, Macedonia Phone: +389 2 3215 840 Website: Trust That Enriches. E IF170053 “Also, our company pays a lot of attention on the development of employees’ skills and abilities though continuous education and training. Furthermore, actively following global financial trends and developments gives us the opportunity to adapt some global practices to local needs. Recently, we entered in a partnershipwith “UNIQA insurance” introducing unit-linked life insurance to the market.” Alongsidethefirm’scapabilitytomaintain itsposition inthe financesectorandstayaheadofupcomingdevelopments is its ability to differentiate itself from its competitors. Kosta alludes to the unique nature of the company’s services and levels of expertise as key in this aspect. “Basically, our core competence is the knowledge of domestic and regional markets. We have unique group synergies aswe are the only fundmanagement company that delivers individual wealthmanagement, incorporating hi-quality brokerage services and exceptional regional M&Aexpertise.” Contributing to the achievements of Ilirika has been the thriving internal working environment, meaning that all staff work together to provide the best possible service. Kosta comments on the learning nature of the team, explaining that it is important to educate employees and clients, leading to a wealth of experience and expertise both in the company and the industry. “Here at Ilirika, we are truly devoted on education to the people with a single goal to increase general financial literacy. We call our sales department, an education department. Our sales leaders organized lot of informational and advanced financial seminars during the years. Doing so, our clients have had the opportunity to acquire practical skills on personal financial management and choose smartly among the products from Ilirika’s wide range of services that fits their needs, so that their financial goals could be achieved over a period of time and gain financial freedom. Practically, when it comes to staffing, our primary selection nearly always comes from the clients.” Overall, all this leads to an exciting future for Kosta and Ilirika Fund Management. Kosta signs off by predicting good times ahead for the firm, stating that the company will continue to deliver competitive services which are unrivalled by many. “Judgingonthebasisoftherecentglobaltrends,ourprofile of services shall be one of the most demanded financial services in the observable future. There would always be opportunities in the market, but the true quality is to identifythem intimelymanner.Bycarefullydevelopingour competences, we are able to offer competitive services and market coverage across the globe.”