AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

74 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 Sylla & Partners is a Guinea based law firm which is internationally oriented and focused on mining, energy, telecom and infrastructures. We profile the Most Innovative Law Firm in Guinea from last year’s Global Excellence Awards, as well as the Managing Partner of Sylla & Partners. ylla & Partners is strongly committed to the principles of integrity, rigor, quality and professional ethics. The strict observance of these principles in everyday working methods of Sylla & Partners gives the company a major credit for professionalism and reliability. Defending the interest of its clients, Sylla & Partners holds expertise in a variety of practice areas, notably labour law and social protection. Regarding its work in corporate law, the company is its clients’ choice thanks its legal structures in place which help them secure better transactions and deals. Furthermore, in the area of taxation, Sylla & Partners provides its customers optimal fiscal management. Guaranteeing that clients’ expectations will be exceeded, Sylla & Partners makes it a rule to confer to services it provides to its customers an international standard quality, whilst relying on its extensive local knowledge of the areas in which it operates. Attracting a vast range of clients, Sylla & Partners is a firm whose employees work perfectly in both English and French. Sylla & Partners collaborates with several international law firms on issues related to Guinea and the West African sub-region. Essentially, the attraction of the Guinean mining sector for foreign direct investment (FDI) is undeniable. Illuminating customers in their strategic choices and assisting them in developing their projects, preventing legal and tax risks associated with their activities, alerting them to the possible impacts of any new legislation or regulations on their sector, are the main objectives of Sylla & Partners. Upholding the highest of standards, the firm is strongly committed to the principles of integrity, rigor, quality and respect for ethics and ethics. The strict application of these principles on a daily basis in the working Company: Sylla & Partners Contact: Mohamed Sidiki Sylla Address: Immeuble, Soumah, 5eme, Etage, Almamya, Guinea Phone: 00224 622 28 10 16 Website: Providing the Best to the Best S 1801AI81 methods of Sylla & Partners gives our company an important credit of seriousness and reliability. At the top of the company is Managing Partner, Mohamed Sidiki Sylla. Mohamed is a lawyer licensed in Guinea and in New York (USA). Mohamed holds an LL.M. (Master of Laws) from Georgetown University in Washington DC and a Masters in African Community law (Business Law option) of the Institute of Community Law of Abidjan. He has ten years of experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Auditors Associates / KPMG, Afric’Conseil and World Bank Group’s IFC. Well-versed in a variety of practices, Mohamed leads from the front in proving an unrivalled service in the region, His areas of expertise include project finance, mining law and taxation, the promotion of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). He regularly intervenes in diagnosis, negotiation and contract drafting, OHADA Business Law, international taxation, tax and legal audit. A key aspect of his success, Mohamed is bilingual, speaking both English and French. Overall, aiming to capitalise on its ongoing success, Sylla & Partners are working exceptionally hard to continue to provide an excellent service, enticing clients to return to the business by matching their expectations and exceeding them in a way they could not imagine. “Guaranteeing that clients’ expectations will be exceeded, Sylla & Partners makes it a rule to confer to services it provides to its customers...”