AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

72 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 QA Mentor is an independent software testing services provider that offers more than 30 unique QA services and test automation solutions through its own unique methodologies, proprietary frameworks, and developed QA products. Recently, we sat down with Founder and CEO, Ruslan Desyatnikov to tell us more. ith clients across all industries, from healthcare to gaming, and of all sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. All of QA experts hold certifications in Brainbench or ISTQB, have in- depth knowledge of over 50 automation tools and solutions in seven different domains, and have at least three years of experience working in their field, Ruslan further explains. “Alongside QA experts, we also have numerous open-source tools, enterprise software, and our proprietary automation frameworks. Our sophisticated QA methodologies and best practices attract customers and we’re also the only company of our kind that has regular working shifts that cover all time zones.” Recently, QA Mentor were selected in Acquisition Intl’s 2017 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Outstanding Software Quality Assurance Service Provider 2017. When discussing the success, Ruslan reflects on all the hard work and dedication the team have provided to clients throughout the years, and what this win means to them. “It always feels special when QA Mentor is recognized around the world. It boosts our motivation more and more when we see the fruits of our work paying off. Every single one of our employees around the globe try to make an impact when they come to work. Personally, I believe that not a single person in our global organization comes to work just for a paycheck. We’re trying to make our customers happy every day in everything we do. Hard work, dedication, commitment, flexibility, a firm understanding of clients’ needs, teamwork, and support for each other is the combination for our success. One thing I keep telling my guys is that success is a choice. They’re all are in control of their future and it is only up to an individual to succeed or not succeed. We’re raising the bar higher and higher every day to get better, to learn more, to pass certification exams, and challenge ourselves constantly. We never stop learning – and sometimes that’s done the hard way through Contact: Ruslan Desyatnikov Company: QA Mentor, Inc. 1441 Broadway, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018, USA Telephone Number: 1-212-960-3812 1-800-622-2602 Website: Raising theBar W 1710AI06 our mistakes and lessons learned. Following every completed release, we have a post-implementation review internally and then we send our action plan to our clients so they can see our projected improvements.” QA Mentor’s primary mission is to help establish cost effective quality frameworks with the goal of facilitating the overall success of their clients. They want to provide the most cost-effective testing services and solutions to all customers around the world regardless of the size of the company. QA Mentor’s mission is to not only provide testing services but educate their customers and clients about their own unique testing methodologies. As for what differentiates the company from their competitors, marking them as the best possible option for their clients, Ruslan informs us that it is down to research, listening to the clients and studying trends. “With that information, I look for gaps in the marketplace and try to fill them while keeping cost effectiveness in mind. Also, I look to small companies that are innovating and either partner with them or purchase them, as I did with Abid Consulting French based company specializing in developing automation testing tools and solutions recently. “One of the major benefits of working with us is that clients don’t just get labor resources, but also our proprietary methodologies and best practices that can be adapted and implemented by our professionals. This includes the following best practices implementations: Test Metrics Framework, Agile Testing Methodology, Static Testing Implementation, Defect Life Cycle Management process, test cases coverage strategies, security testing methodology, risk-based approach techniques, automation testing solutions via proprietary frameworks, elearning QA courses, and our own test management platform and much more.” Ensuring that their every client receives both the overall solution and the ongoing support that they need, Ruslan details QA Mentor’s approach to achieve this. “We believe in helping our clients to help themselves, we offer corporate QA training “With evolving technology, QAMentor is ready to support new trends and technologies.”