AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

50 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 One of the largest law firms, Gilson Gray offers specialist legal, property and financial services. We invited Steven Jansch, Partner, Head of Insolvency and Solicitor Advocate, who has been named Leading Insolvency Law Practitioner 2017 – UK in our 2017 Global Excellence Awards, to talk us through his role in the firm’s success. ince its establishment in 2014, Gilson Gray has flourished, and has evolved into a multi- award winning full-service Scottish law firm with offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The company draws on the vast experience of its staff, including Steven. As a commercial litigator and civil Solicitor Advocate, Steven has spent many years appearing before the Scottish Courts and various Tribunals and Committees. Also, he has spent time working in the public sector. He is accredited by the WS in Commercial Litigation and also accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in Insolvency Law. On a regular basis, Steven deals with Court of Session appearance and procedural work, as well as appearances in the Sheriff Court, particularly on Insolvency matters. Alongside this, Steven is also regularly instructed to provide written opinions in his capacity as a Solicitor Advocate. He discusses how he approaches this role and his many others, ensuring that he offers clients the best possible level of support and service. “As a practising solicitor advocate and a specialist in insolvency law, I work hard to ensure that I offer my clients the best possible approach to all issues that they face, using my experience and knowledge to help them to achieve the outcome they need. My approach revolves around collaboration, and as such I work closely with clients, getting to know their businesses and concerns, and tailoring my advice and approach to their own individual needs. As a firm, Gilson Gray stays in regular contact with the governing bodies and major entities involved in this area, an approach facilitated by my role as the chair of the Edinburgh insolvency discussion group.” Company: Gilson Gray LLP Contact: Vanessa Kennedy Address: 29 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2BW, UK Phone: 01312854790 Website: Supplying Support to Solve Insolvency S 1801AI56 Thanks to his experience and work at the frontline of insolvency law, Steven has a unique insight into this fascinating market which he is eager to share with us. “Insolvency law isaveryfastpacedareaof lawtowork in. Within a company, insolvency canmean everything from covert assistance, to directors seeking to restructure and turn around a company that may have hundreds of employees, through to trying to help an Insolvency Practitioner trade immediately on their appointment. The fact is, insolvency does not really change the day-to-day trading issues that the company face. In fact, it makes trading much more difficult because the insolvency practitioner, as an officer of court, faces compliance with additional rules from those faced by a regular company director. “In personal insolvency, similar issues can arise but additional problems become apparent when things like bankruptcy restriction orders and concealment of assets by delinquent bankrupts arise in addition. The recent press coverage of the bankruptcy regime has shone a light on weaknesses in the regime, none of which come as a surprise to anyone practising in this area of law.” Moving forward, Steven foresees many challenges and opportunities for both himself and his firm, which he outlines in his concluding comments. “Looking ahead, Business entities whether based in Scotland working with Scottish customers, or with more international dynamic, will be well placed to take advantage of short to medium term investments in the global corporate landscape in my opinion. The uncertainties of for example Brexit and the as yet undefined trade deals that may arise from that, put long-term investments in risky category at present. However, those with ability tomake longer term strategic investments now, in my view, will be the forerunners of global commerce in the future. “From my firms’ perspective, that means that we need to continue to be the best at what we do. Continuing to invest in the infrastructure that is necessary to enable each of our individuals to be the best, and also to maintain a close working relationship with our clients. This is to ensure that they are given the best opportunities possible, and that we continue to assist and maximise the opportunities that they have decided to go for.” “...similar issues can arise but additional problems become apparent when things like bankruptcy restriction orders and concealment of assets by delinquent bankrupts arise in addition.”