AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

48 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 TopMark Claims Management Ltd specialise in claims and associated support services, for both private and public sector clients nationally and internationally. We sat down with Stephanie Staubach, our Most Influential Woman in Claims Management 2018 – UK. who takes us behind the scenes of this industry leading firm. rading since 2006, TopMark work for the UK Government servicing departments, such as the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice, as well as Utility companies, the BBC, blue light authorities and large self-insured commercial clients to name a few. Despite working in an incredibly competitive industry, TopMark still comes out at the top in regard to customer service. This can be put down mainly to the firm’s ethos of placing the client first, as Stephanie explains. “In the current market, many clients can feel dictated to by their suppliers and the service they receive can often lack the individual approach needed to really make a difference. Here at TopMark, we never offer an off the shelf product, as we really get to know what makes the lives of our clients more problematic and make it our priority to lift that burden. “This can mean introducing efficiencies through technology, changing a client’s approach to their own reporting of accidents, or helping them save money in their insurance budgets to fall in line with their internal targets. Integrating innovation is not about making assumptions about what clients need, but taking the time to listen to a client and be proactive in helping them drive forward their objectives. Sometimes the simplest of steps can have the biggest impact.” Differentiating itself from its competitors, again putting the client first is what entices people to work with TopMark. Stephanie alludes to the results that TopMark achieve and how staff really sell their services in order to get the client on board. “Importantly, we save our clients time and money, as shown by proven results and tangible savings. We believe that our clients are investing in a positive change when they come to us, as often they have been with the same supplier for a significant period of time and have fallen into bad habits with a lack of progress and innovation. “They are often surprised at the options that our appointment opens up to them, particularly in terms of how the work is managed, service results, targets and objectives achieved. Currently, there is too much Company: TopMark Claims Management Ltd Contact: Stephanie Staubach Address: 160 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4TB Phone: 0141 331 6844 Understanding Your Needs T 1802A19 of a disconnection in the market regarding selling your services to a client to then delivering on your promises. More often than not, the personnel involved in selling the service to a client will have no further contact with them post appointment. “At TopMark, winning a client is the first step but our work thereafter is a commitment to deliver on the promises we make. Then, we provide tangible evidence to our clients, at strategic stages, of the savings, both in monetary terms and in respect of the efficiencies we have made, setting higher targets for the upcoming years. Essentially, we put our money where our mouth is.” Regarding the internal culture within the firm, the thriving work environment contributes greatly to the mission of putting the clients first. Aiming to satisfy clients, staff have incentives which help drive them on to meet the highest quality standards offered to them, something which Stephanie is keen to comment on. “Crucial to our success, our policy for developing and rewarding staff is fairly unique. We have high standards in our expectations of staff but this is because we take great pride in our work, with all employees possessing a great amount of passion for great customer service delivery. Often in the insurance sector, people are promoted after a certain length of service or experience, but in my view that approach is not always the most effective. I am proud of the fact that over the years I have developed my apprentices, resulting in opportunities for staff who would ordinarily have waited a number of years to have such promotion opportunities.” Ultimately, these are exciting times for TopMark, and Stephanie concludes by telling us the future plans for the firm, discussing the new contracts that the company has secured, as well as reflecting on what has been a successful year for the company. “Excitingly, 2017 saw us opening our London Branch and we have contracts secured for 2018 which are likely to see a further office in Manchester or Leeds. Additionally, we are working on a company rebrand, and are hoping to launch this soon, as we encourage our clients to keep an eye out for upcoming developments.”