AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 39 PLUTA helps companies in legally and economically difficult situations. PLUTA’s Director, Mr. Áticus Ocaña shares with us the secrets behind the company’s success, explaining in detail about what attracts clients to the firm. LUTA is a multinational company founded over 30 years ago in Germany, with more than 10 years of experience in Spain and another 40 branch offices spread across four countries in Europe (Germany, Spain, Poland and Italy). In addition, it is a member of the international BTG Global Advisory network. BTG GA is a partner with leading banks, law firms, private equity companies and other fund management companies. Within the firm, there are 90 lawyers and 40 business experts, including many attorneys and tax consultants, all of whom contribute to the wealth of experience that the company holds. These experts also hold multiple qualifications as public auditors, graduates in business administration or accountants which ensure sustainable, forward-looking solutions for clients and partners. Holding an impressive reputation amongst the industry, the teams at PLUTA look to take advantage of their knowledge of the various industrial sectors which they have acquired in hundreds of insolvency proceedings and restructuring projects. It is the knowledge of the smaller and different aspects of the company, which helps the firm to stand out amongst its competitors in the market. Furthermore, strategic partnerships with banks and restructuring/insolvency networks offer additional alternatives for action to the benefit of our customers. Crucial to the success of the company, the firm has been able to help companies with complex financial and strategic challenges from a legal and economic point of view, providing added value to clients and customers, thanks to its extensive experience and needs, as it is one of the firm’s major missions. Another exciting service is that PLUTA is able to offer advice on all matters relating to commercial law, as well as support for companies during the process of restructuring and management of insolvency proceedings. With all our clients, we provide advice on all issues concerning business law, actively supporting companies during the restructuring process and they competently manage insolvency proceedings. Essentially, the company guarantees to provide the customers with competent advice, creative proposals for solutions, serious alternatives for action and, of course, it ensures professional interaction and cooperation. Furthermore, we stand for competency and creativity, for quality and integrity. With this in mind, it promotes a culture of performance which focuses on people. Mutual respect is just as important to the company Company: PLUTA Abogados y Administradores Concursales SLP Contact: Mr. Áticus Ocaña Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 13 – 3º Dcha, Madrid, 28046, Spain Phone: 0034 915 777 241 Website: HelpingCompanies ReachTheir Potential P 1802AI29 as expertise, theoretical knowledge, and practical experience. We are always aware of the fact that by helping companies with assistance and advice, that they can give people prospects. PLUTA is specialised in the restructuring and management of corporate insolvencies, with a corporate base that combines legal and business experience. Its services are grouped into three business areas: Legal Advice, Restructuring and Insolvency Management. Every business decision involves balancing numerous risk factors. In the case of an insolvency process, business decisions should be assisted by specialised legal advice. Adequate consideration of different interests, early clarification of framework conditions and advice from legal experts are key success factors for entrepreneurs, administrators, shareholders and creditors. Ultimately, it is about the use of capital and the impact on people. Legal Consulting is an essential part of success. Our experts offer deep professional experience and knowledge in the areas of strategic development, operations, organisation and performance improvement, restructuring and insolvency management.Theexperienceof lawyersspecialising in corporate, tax, labor or real estate law and construction law is an essential element. Our clients can trust us for a wide range of professional services. Talking about restructuring, the ability to forecast becomes the potential for recovery. Staying competitive requires the right countermeasures: transparent financial data, optimal corporate planning, a functioning control system and a profitable marketing strategy. In the insolvency administration, we have to take into account that in crisis situations, the efforts of management, shareholders and employees are not always enough to make a company successful again. An active quality management, the promotion of the internal exchange of information, permanent training and the principles of the Gravenbruch Circle determine our actions. We have achieved many success stories, including: Insolvency management in airline companies, insolvencies also of large food groups, with a marked international component, or even of real estate or construction companies (more than 60 cases processed in this sector). Moreover, we have represented clients of German Banking in insolvencies and restructuring of renewables in Spain. Lastly, we have finished the continuity and restructuring of companies (more than 25% of the insolvencies managed in court have been resolved through the agreement or the sale of the production unit).