AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

38 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 ABV ADVOGADOS is traditionally a Law Firm dedicated to corporate, commercial and business law. Today, the Firm is also a reference assisting foreign Private Clients in Portugal. We invited António Paula Varela to tell us more about the firm and tell us the secrets behind its success. BV ADVOGADOS represents a large number of Portuguese and foreign companies, both in Portugal and overseas. However, considering the increasing demand for legal services by individuals, in particular foreigners who choose Portugal as a living or working destination, the team also developed its “Private Clients” practice, focused specially on residence, citizenship, family, inheritance and tax matters, including the Portuguese Golden Visa program and the non-habitual tax regime. Outlining the firm’s overall mission, António explains what steps the firm plans to take in order to achieve its goal. Meeting and exceeding client expectations is an important part of the vision that Antonio has for the firm, and the team work exceptionally hard in order to achieve this. “Looking to achieve excellent customer satisfaction, we always want to be a constructive partner to our clients, providing pragmatic and objective legal solutions which result in an added value to their activity or life. Therefore, we always look for a close relationship and thorough understanding of our clients, so we can represent and defend their interests in the best way. Regarding innovation, the ABV ADVOGADOS team is permanently updated on the market trends and the legal developments that may benefit our clients.” It is this vision which helps the firm differentiate itself from its competitors, as the team is focused solely on the client and works hard in order to achieve high satisfaction levels. These achievements have led to the firm being selected in the 2018 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Outstanding Business Development Law Firm in Portugal, something António is very proud of. “To be selected for this award, we are obviously very happy, as it is the recognition of our work and the quality of our team. However, we consider it, above all, a responsibility and a motivation to improve our services every day. This award is an honour and at the same time a drive to do more and better.” Providing us with a brief overview of the industry at present, António believes that the financial crisis which affected Portugal is over, and this will lead to a more successful future for the firm going forwards. “With Portugal having arisen from the financial crisis, in our specific area, there are many opportunities and the foreign investment is back. We would like to highlight the following areas that are ‘booming’ now in Portugal: Company: ABV ADVOGADOS Contact: António Paula Varela Address: Av. Alvares Cabral, nº 84, 2º. 1250-018, Lisboa, Portugal Phone: 00351 213 703 600 Web Address TheClient Comes First A 1802AI06 real estate, start-up companies and foreign individuals that choose Portugal as a place to live or work. In ABV ADVOGADOS, we developed our expertise to assist the clients on these matters.” With technology increasingly dominating the legal industry and relevant markets, António points out the three aspects of the sector that the firm considers crucial, and what techniques the company employs in order to stay ahead of upcoming developments. “Let me point out three aspects that we consider essential: first, we believe in the permanent training of our team. On the other hand, we attend and promote on a regular basis professional and social events, as this allows us to be updated on the new trends of the legal market. Finally, due to our important international network, we try to be always informed on recent developments that may benefit and affect our clients.” Regarding the internal culture within the company, António ensures that all of his staff are in the best possible position to provide a quality service to clients by sticking to the firm’s values and concentrating on specific areas in Portugal, following all the rules and leaving no stone unturned. “Fundamentally, we are committed to work in Portugal and in the other jurisdiction in which we operate, always aiming to reach the highest possible standard and fulfilling scrupulously the ethical and deontological rules governing the practice of the Law.” Ultimately, the future looks very bright for ABV ADVOGADOS. António concludes by predicting what the times ahead will be like for the firm. “Looking ahead, we believe that companies and people from all around the world will continue to select Portugal as a destination and our firm as their local legal advisers. Currently, we have clients from Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe and we look forward to consolidating our services as a reference for those who decide to invest or live in Portugal. “On the other hand, our firm actively supports Portuguese and foreign companies in international projects, particularly in Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique, jurisdictions where ABV ADVOGADOS has established local partnerships and has extensive experience. It is our goal for the next years to not only develop our activity in Portugal, but also in the referred Portuguese speaking countries, together with our local partners.”