AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 35 Partners and Associates of Nanavati Associates attend to matters listed before the Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat at Ahmedabad, as well as often work on matters listed before other High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. Pranit K. Nanavati, Partner provides us with his thoughts on what makes the firm stand out in the industry. aving built a reputation in litigation at High Courts, in order to provide non-litigation services and litigation services at Trial Courts and Tribunals, the Partners of Nanavati Associates formed a separate partnership firm in 2002 and thus, sister firm, K. Nanavati & Gandhi Associates came into existence. Since 2003, Nanavati Associates has been providing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) legal services and networks with firms in US, Europe, China as well as countries such as Curacao and Cameroon. Nanavati Associates has conducted seminars to increase awareness about IPR, and has branch offices in Surat and Vadodara, other major cities of Gujarat, India. The firm has a large number of corporate clients including foreign multinational and Indian multinational companies. The clients also include companies with no foreign presence and at times, even individuals. Embedded within the Associates of the firm, the mission is to strive to provide the best possible legal services to its clients regardless of the size of the client or the stake involved. The growth of the firm over the decades is strictly due to the unwavering focus on merits of every matter and is only because of word-of-mouth. The firm prepares itself in advance for any new legislation to remain in the forefront. Often, partners of the firm engage in teaching at leading local law schools and other institutes and are invited to contribute in Conferences and Seminars. Hard work, honesty, and humility distinguish the firm from its competitors. Success of its numerous past Associates who have established their own private thriving practice, is testimony to the opportunities that are available at the firm, for any lawyer who aspires to be a successful lawyer in almost every area of law. Interestingly, the legal profession is well developed across India and especially, in Gujarat, as it is a more advanced state than most others in the country. Nanavati Associates is in the biggest city in Gujarat: Ahmedabad, which happens to be the seventh largest city in the country. There is healthy competition in the legal profession everywhere in the country. Allowing foreign firms to practice in India is often a subject of debate in the legal fraternity. We encourage healthy competition from everywhere, including from foreign countries. Company: Nanavati Associates Contact: Pranit K. Nanavati Contact Phones: +91-79- 40038081, +91-79-40038082, +91-79-40038083, +91-79- 40038084, +91-79-40038085 Contact Fax: +91-79-40038086 Mobile Phone: +91- 9879106229 Address: Satyam Corporate Square, Block “B”, Behind Rajpath Club, Nr. Friends Avenue, Off S.G. Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380 059, Gujarat, India Website: Multi-SkilledAssociates Serving the Industry H 1802AI18 At times, having dual or multiple languages used in legal proceedings brings its own challenges. We deal with it like any other firm and are conscious about such challenges. With the fairly large pool of Associates from different parts of the country where different languages are used, we believe that even in addressing such challenges, we are better positioned than most of our competition. Regarding our internal culture, it is to spare no effort in providing the best legal services. There are thousands of books in the library, and we subscribe to several journals on various areas of Law. A perk of these advanced times is that numerous softwares are available for doing legal research. Providing a physical environment that is conducive to providing efficient services also helps us be the best we can be. We have multiple conference rooms and each Associate is provided with a computer with internet access. Ultimately, we believe that the firm provides whatever it takes to ensure that the best possible legal services are provided to the clients. For us, we believe that the future is only going to get better. It is a dynamic world when it comes to law and we will keep ourselves updated and prepared for the changing legal scenario so that we can continue to deliver legal excellence to our Clients. As for IPR, trademark law and copyright law have been fairly well developed in India, but Patent law, though firstly put in place more than 150 years ago, is at times, considered to be still in its infancy. Thus, we see tremendous growth potential in IPR and particularly, Patents. Design is one area that severely lacks awareness. There is some awareness about geographical indications of goods, but most people in India have not even heard of the law on semiconductor integrated circuit layout design, or the law on protection of plant varieties and farmers’ rights. Thus, there is tremendous growth potential in IPR in India. Moving forward, we believe that sooner or later foreign firms will be permitted to practice in India. We look forward to it as it will only force every existing firm, including us, to only get better. Also, we welcome healthy competition from every corner of the world and feel that we are already adequately prepared.