AI Magazine Issue 2 2018- Boyas Drafting & Design, LLC

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2018 33 2b Limitless is a professional training and coaching organisation focused on strengths, engagement, performance and transformation. We invited Mick Todd to talk us through the firm and the secrets behind its success. b Limitless provides the support, structure and tools to facilitate sustainable success on an organizational, professional and personal level through a range of dynamic coaching and training products. These products are tailor made to target the specific strengths and requirements of an organization and or individuals who are looking to gain the leading edge in their field. Mick discusses the firm’s service offering and how it has adapted this in 2017 to ensure it continues to offer clients the solutions they need. “At 2b Limitless, we are focused on C-Suite Executives, Senior Leaders, Entrepreneurial Leaders and High-Performance Teams. Our core business is built around outstanding strategic training programs, executive coaching programs and our 2BYB international goal-setting events. We focus on delivering targeted training and workshops around strengths, goals, strategy, purpose, vision, values and extraordinary success that is supported by world-class coaches. “The last year has seen 2b Limitless growsignificantly as an organisation based around the quality of our team and the outstanding achievements of our clients. We have assembled our strongest team ever a team that deliver excellence across a broad spectrum of personal and professional success. We now feel that we have a complete coaching and training offering. Also, we have become a far greater international force delivering projects not only across the GCC but also in Australia, UK, Russia, India, USA, Hong Kong and Thailand.” Drawing on his vast experience in the industry, Mick has a strong overview of the market currently which he is keen to share with us as he explores 2b Limitless’ space within this ever, evolving landscape. “The pace of change in the modern business landscape is staggering. Leaders are faced with an unprecedented number of real time decisions that have far reaching ramifications for clients, employees and shareholders. Having real clarity of purpose, objectives, goals and the rituals and behaviours that will deliver performance, and will Company: 2b Limitless FZC Name: Michael ‘Mick’ Todd Address: International Media Production Zone, PO Box 392862 Dubai, UAE Telephone: +9714 5144026 (Office) +971 56 4662860 (Mobile) +971 50 1535213 (Direct) Web Address: HelpingCompanies 2bLimitless 2 1801AI77 lead to a meaningful impact are critical components of the modern leaders’ toolbox.” “As business continues to become more and more complex a leaders’ ability to simplify and identify the true priorities, take agile action and make a meaningful impact is key. That is where we come in and help leaders to develop a roadmap, as well as the tools that they need to deliver excellence in performance.” Although Mick is at the forefront of many of the firm’s projects, he also has a dedicated team whose hard work and dedication he explains. “Our team of outstanding professionals have given us the bandwidth and skills to deliver in an elegant manner that better support our client’s needs. Our primary success measures are built around the achievements of clients, and this year has delivered success on an amazing scale. Our clients have built amazing success around coaching and strategy, which we co-developed.” With regards to the future, Mick has a number of exciting plans which he is keen to share with us in his concluding comments. “Looking ahead, our priorities for the future are growth and change, which are the key words for 2b Limitless, as these are our key focuses across all of our key success measures. We are delighted to be recognised as ‘The Most Trusted Brand in Coaching Training and Leadership in Middle East.’ However, 2018 is seeing a real push for growth in Asia and Europe. Our office in Phuket has proved a great springboard, and we are also planning to open an office in Brisbane in 2018. We are focused on offering our clients an unrivalled training and coaching experience. “Alongside this, we are also delighted at the growth of our 2BYB (To Be Your Best) process, in 2017 we delivered our best ever events including the launch of our first ever women’s event. The feedback and impact was enormous and 2018 promises to be another amazing year for the 2BYB product. “Overall, we are in the heart of delivering our 2020 strategy and it is focused around building success and leadership processes, programmes and events that focus on strengths, engagement, performance and transformation so we not only plan to be in this space, we plan to be a key player in this space.” “Our team...have given us the bandwidth and skills to deliver in an elegant manner that better support our client’s needs.”